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Coordinates: 12°54′45″N 74°50′31″E / 12.9126°N 74.8419°E / 12.9126; 74.8419

Derebail is a locality in Mangalore city, Karnataka, India.

It is one of the fastest developing localities in Mangalore.[1] It is a booming residential area, situated about 6 kilometres from the heart of the city.

Derebail spans over 5 corporate wards in the Mangalore City Corporation (Wards no. 17, 23, 24, 25 and 26). The total official population in the region, comprising these 5 wards, according to the 2011 Census is 47,132.[2][3]

Hollywood actress Freida Pinto hails from Derebail.[4]

Freida Pinto Cannes 2012


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