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Derek Brueckner (b 1965) is a Canadian artist living in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He is recognized for working with the figure in performance contexts at gallery and performance spaces in Canada, USA and Europe. Canadian spaces include Plug-In Institute of Contemporary Art [1] (1998 & 2010) Gallery 111 (2008) Ace Art Inc [2] (2000) New York City spaces include the Collective Unconscious (2002) Local Project (2012) and 3rd EYE sol (2013). European spaces include Fortezza da Basso (Florence 2001)

Currently Brueckner is working with technology in relation to painting/drawing with the figure/body and visual mathematics. His current research involves dialectics between the processes of haptic and technological image making. These processes explore the pictorial characteristics of paint in conjunction with digital pictorial spaces in print and live feed video projections. Often the imagery references these processes and the ambivalence regarding the cultural impact by technology on the body and the way it feels and perceives. Brueckner's digital work also uses subject matter which re-signifies the body/figure as: corporeal entities, aliens, mutation, cloning, morphing, rhizomes, fractals, kaleidoscopes, patterns, or spectacle.

Specifically the dialectic explores a reaffirmation of painting/drawing involving either in collaboration or against technology and this dialectic’s relation to the body and modes of interpretation and depiction of imagery. Currently Brueckner is an instructor at the University of Manitoba. View work by Brueckner's students at Lectures and panel discussions include a panel discussion at the 2008 College Art Association Conference in Dallas (The Search for Vision's Body: The Role of Touch in the Practice of Painting and Architecture Wednesday, February 20, 2008, 2:30 PM–5:00 PM session).[3] As well Brueckner co-hosts and curates an arts talk radio show in Winnipeg at CKUW 95.9 FM. He has a Master of Fine Arts from Hunter College City University of New York Department of Art.


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