Derek Lawrence

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Derek Lawrence
Born 1930s - 1940s
Genres Rock Music
Years active 1960s-present

Derek Lawrence is an English record producer, famous for his work for Joe Meek's Outlaws, Deep Purple, Flash, Machiavel and Wishbone Ash.

Lawrence came in contact with Meek circa at the end of 1963, when he managed a group, Laurie Black and the Men of Mystery, that won a recording session at Joe Meek's studio. He continued working for him until 1965. He brought him Merseybeaters Freddie Starr and the Midnighters.

In the late 1960s he worked for Harold Shampan at Film Music (part of Top Rank) and as freelance producer (inspired by Meek) for The Pretty Things, The Zephyrs, The Nocturnes etc. He produced Jethro Tull's debut single "Sunshine Day" (1968). He also produced Deep Purple's first 3 albums, the first at Pye Studios in London and the next 2 at De Lane Lea Studios, Kingsway, London. He produced Flash's first two albums, Flash (1972) and In The Can (1973), both at De Lane Lea. After struggling with Flash's ex-Yes guitarist, Peter Banks, he recommended that the band replace Banks, and suggested several top names. It was advice that they failed to heed, which led to the band's abrupt break up while on tour after the release of their third self-produced album, Out Of Our Hands (1973). He produced Wishbone Ash's first three albums Wishbone Ash (1970), Pilgrimage (1971) and Argus (1972), and returned to produce their ninth album No Smoke Without Fire (1978).

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