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For the footballer, see Derek Turner.
Derek Turner
Born December, 1964
Dublin, Ireland
Residence United Kingdom
Occupation Writer, Journalist

Derek Turner (born 1964 in Dublin, Ireland) is a journalist, and also the author of several novels.

Early life[edit]

Turner is the son of a ship’s captain of Methodist background; and Church of Ireland mother (the great niece of the Archbishop of Dublin). Before he became a journalist, he worked as a sailor, security guard, builder, advertising salesman for the Daily Telegraph, and production editor for a technical publishing firm.


In the UK, he has appeared in a large number of magazines and newspapers, including The Times, The Sunday Telegraph, Literary Review, Salisbury Review, Taki's Magazine,[1] European Journal, Quadrapheme,[2] The Lady Magazine, and Kent Life. Abroad, his articles appeared in the American magazines Chronicles,[3] and the Connor Post, German Junge Freiheit,[4] and Criticón, and numerous other journals in France, Italy, the Czech Republic and elsewhere.

His areas of focus are English letters, British topography, European culture and history, folklore, and current affairs.

Turner is the author of three novels: Sea Changes,[5][6][7] A Modern Journey,[8] and Displacement.

Published works[edit]


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