Dernière danse (Indila song)

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"Dernière danse"
Derniere danse cover.png
Single by Indila
from the album Mini World
Released November 13, 2013
Format Digital download
Recorded 2013
Length 3:32
Label Capitol Music Group
Songwriter(s) Adila Sedraïa
Producer(s) Skalpovich
Indila singles chronology
"Dernière danse"
"Tourner dans le vide"

"Dernière danse"
"Tourner dans le vide"

"Dernière danse" (English: "Last dance") is a song recorded by French singer-songwriter Indila. It served as the first single from her debut album, Mini World. The musical motif is likely sampled from Charles Aznavour's song Parce Que Tu Crois.

Music video[edit]

Background and possible synopsis[edit]

The music video was filmed in November 2013 and premiered on 4 December 2013.[1][2] The music video is a short film directed by Sylvain Bressollette.

This is a drama song which is full of despair and sorrow "here comes the pain". Despair may come from loneliness as the singer can be seen holding a picture of someone she longs for. Without him/her she suffers from low self-esteem "I’m just a worthless being", sense of separation from the one she loves: "without him I’m a bit troubled", from a painful past "a last dance to forget my great misery". It also comes from the fear of confrontation with the darkness. Darkness is represented by the city (rude, pushy man, unforgiving landlord, staring woman in a car) and internally represented in her emotional world by her “sweet” torment to find courage, feminine strength, and most of all, self-esteem. She also wants to reconnect with the one she loves or simply with a masculine energy "try as I might, without you my life is nothing but a meaningless shiny décor". Thus, she is confronted: "I’m afraid, is this my turn?", by the external and internal elements, external and internal storm that hits her and the city. She is fighting with her weaknesses, for she does not want to abandon hope for love and salvation from her misery: "In all of Paris, I abandon myself and away I fly, fly / a bit of love and I dance...".

Then, in the climax, she realizes she paid off her dues and is fed up with the torment: "offences I paid in full". She challenges the world, "this is my last dance" to show how great her heart is, how ready for challenge, romance, appreciation of her feminine strength (in the video she faces the storm with loose hair, standing firmly with arms and legs apart). “Listen to how great my heart is / I’m a child of the world”. She is ready to become mature: leave her childish fears behind (in the video represented by the girl hiding in the car and looking via back window) and make the world realize she is the embodiment of the divine universe: "I stir the sky, the day, the night, I dance with the wind, the rain." In the video she embraces the storm cloud and is elevated to a quiet spot where she is unaffected by its violence and noise. However, there is a catch, because up there the wind steals the photo of the one she was longing for. In the whole song, she seems to transform from a child, to a woman, to a spiritual consciousness: "In all Paris, I abandon myself and away I fly, fly, fly…".

Lyric video[edit]

A lyric video was uploaded on the artist's Vevo channel simultaneously on the release day of the song.[3] The video starts off with the title and a sketched version of the singer and a fade-out to black after the song finishes. There is also a Germany-only re-release of the music video provided with German subtitles released after the premiere of the original music video.[4]

Chart performance[edit]

On March 1, 2014, it entered the Greek charts at number-one and stayed at the first place for seven weeks.[5] On April 19, 2014, it was knocked down to #2 by Pharrell Williams' Happy.[6] It reclaimed #1 the following week,[7] and remained there for another five weeks, totaling at thirteen weeks at #1.[8]

Other versions[edit]


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