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Dero may refer to:

  • DJ Dero, Argentine DJ, producer and remixer of electronic music
  • Dero Goi, a German musician
  • Derro or Dero, Australian slang for a derelict person
  • Al DeRogatis, American football player and announcer
  • Jim DeRogatis, American rock music critic
  • Mark DeRosa, American baseball player
  • Dwayne De Rosario, retired Canadian soccer player
  • Dero, "detrimental robots" in the writing of Richard Sharpe Shaver
  • Dero, one of the Nereids in Greek mythology
  • Dero, backing emcee of The Informatics
  • DeRo, the pairing of Deniz and Roman on Alles was zählt
  • Dero, the caste in Pakistan, mostly in Sindh Province, whose native language is Sindhi.
  • DERO, the Unilever's laundry detergent trade mark used in Romania. DERO comes from "Detergent Românesc" (Romanian Detergent).
  • DERO or DEROS, abbreviation of date of expected (or estimated) return from overseas, US military slang
  • Dero!, a Japanese game show that formed the basis for Syfy's Exit
  • Dero, a genus of aquatic oligochaetes

People with the given name[edit]