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Derold Page (born 1947 in South Africa) After working in Johannesburg as an interior designer, he went into fashion design in 1972. In 1974 his first two paintings, of Pilgrim's Rest (the first gold-rush town in South Africa) were published to much acclaim. In 1976 in protest against apartheid and the Soweto massacre he emigrated to England.

His harmonious, detailed, peaceful paintings are often philosophical metaphors, expressing his belief that all natural things are very precious and that all are brothers, who must live together in harmony. He has also found a unique way of painting dreams, sounds and ideas which make his work very personal.

His first one-man exhibition was in Rome in 1978 and was also featured in an exhibition at the Royal Festival Hall to launch the publication of the World Encyclopedia of Naive Art. Since 1979 he has exhibited often with the Register of Naïve Artists (RONA), the paintings being quickly bought by collectors and artist friends in Britain, Italy, South Africa and America. His small output is currently sold directly from home. Reproductions of his paintings on cards, posters, calendars, books and CD covers have sold worldwide. His unique cat paintings are particularly popular.

He currently lives and works in 16th century thatched cottage in Somerset. Prints of his paintings are available from

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