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Derrida Today  
Discipline Philosophy
Language English
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Frequency Biannual
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ISSN 1754-8500 (print)
1754-8519 (web)

Derrida Today is a biannual academic journal published by Edinburgh University Press in May and November of each year, devoted to the works of French philosopher Jacques Derrida (1930-2004).

The aim of Derrida Today is to see Derrida's work in its broadest possible context and to argue for its keen and enduring relevance to our present intellectual, cultural and political situations. Its aim is not to conceive of Derrida's work as merely a major development in thinking about textuality, nor as simply belonging to the specific philosophical discussions in the name of which some philosophers have reclaimed it. Derrida Today attempts, therefore, to have the broadest possible reference, from the philosophical and theoretical through the most aesthetically innovative to the most urgently political. The founders and general editors of the journal are Nicole Anderson (Macquarie University, Sydney) and Nick Mansfield (Macquarie University, Sydney).

Authors published in Derrida Today have included: Karen Barad, Andrew Benjamin, Geoffrey Bennington, Tom Cohen, Claire Colebrook, Grant Farred, Sean Gaston, Joanna Hodge, Christine Irizarry, Vicki Kirby, John Leavey, Niall Lucy, J. Hillis Miller, Christopher Norris, Herman Rapaport, Alison Ross, Henry Staten, H. Peter Steeves, among others.

Attached to, and named after, the journal is the Derrida Today biennial international conference, organised by Nicole Anderson and Nick Mansfield. The 1st conference was held in Sydney (sponsored by Macquarie University) in July 2008. The keynotes were Catherine Malabou, Andrew Benjamin, Martin McQuillan. The 2nd Derrida Today conference in July 2010 was held in London and co-sponsored by Kingston University (Martin McQuillan and Simon Morgan Wortham) and Macquarie University (Nicole Anderson and Nick Mansfield). The keynotes at this conference included: Geoffrey Bennington, Peggy Kamuf, Nicholas Royle and Marian Hobson. Conference information can be found on the Derrida Today conference website at:

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