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Here’s the starting page for DES Resources on the wiki. This is where you come if you have a question about the quirks of uploading a doc for a specific vendor, need a better understanding of various DES tasks and strategies, or want more insight into the expectations of different divisions for DES.

These pages will replace the DES Notes from the Merch drive. Having these resources on the wiki should allow DES to execute their tasks consistently and efficiently. Instead of searching through various folders and files, a DES can use the wiki’s search engine (in the upper right) for a specific vendor, division, or task, or they can click a link in the sections below.

DES Task Guidelines give instructions for various regular DES jobs. Vendor Notes list vendors whose docs need extra effort to upload accurately. Each vendor has a link to their own page of instructions, images, and advice. Divisional Notes explain how each division needs their vendor’s docs uploaded and what strategies to best employ. Tools & Tricks detail how to use various tech tools and tactics in the DES role.

DES is also consisted of wave 5 newbies.


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