Desaguadero Municipality

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Desaguadero (Peruvian side of the city), at the border Peru - Bolivia
Location of Desaguadero in Bolivia and Peru, at Lake Wiñaymarka (Lake Titicaca)

Desaguadero Municipality is the fourth municipal section of Ingavi Province in La Paz Department, Bolivia. Its capital is Desaguadero.


The municipality consists of the following two cantons:[1]

  • Desaguadero - 4.194 inhabitants (2001)
  • San Juan de Huancollo - 787 inhabitants

The people[edit]

The people are predominantly indigenous citizens of Aymara descent.[2]

Ethnic group %
Quechua 1.3
Aymara 92.9
Guaraní, Chiquitos, Moxos 0.2
Not indigenous 5.6
Other indigenous groups 0.1


The languages spoken in the Desaguadero Municipality are mainly Aymara and Spanish.

Language Inhabitants
Quechua 74
Aymara 3,831
Guaraní 2
Another native 0
Spanish 3,806
Foreign 21
Only native 959
Native and Spanish 2,902
Only Spanish 905

Places of interest[edit]

Some of the tourist attractions of the municipality are:[3]

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