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Archeological site
Desalpur is located in India
Coordinates: 23°11′54″N 69°26′31″E / 23.19833°N 69.44194°E / 23.19833; 69.44194Coordinates: 23°11′54″N 69°26′31″E / 23.19833°N 69.44194°E / 23.19833; 69.44194
Country India
Province Gujarath
District Kutch
Taluka Nakhtrana
Time zone Indian Standard Time (UTC+5.30)

Desalpur (Gunthli) is a site belonging to Indus Valley Civilisation located at Nakhtrana Taluka, Kutch District, Gujarat, India. Desalpur is 25 km away from Bhuj. This site is of modest dimensions,(130 m (427 ft) by 100 m (328 ft)) situated on the northern banks of once depredatory (erosive) stream, Bamu-Chela, an affluent of the Dhrud river.[1]


Archeological Survey of India undertook excavation at this site during 1963.[1]


Desalpur had a massive stone fortification with a base of about 4 m (13 ft), and height measuring from 2 m (7 ft) to 5 m (16 ft).[1] Several houses were built adjascent to fort wall inside the town and central part of the settlement had a structural complex with foundation offsets, massive walls and spacious rooms.[1]


Regular Harappan pottery, a thin grey ware carefully potted and painted with lines of bluish green pigment were found at lower excavation levels, similar to that found at Mohenjodaro, which is commonly described as 'glazed ware'.[1] Alongside the Harappan pottery, three script bearing seals were found. On each script the seal was made of a different material, one of steatite, one of copper and one of terrecotta.[1]

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