Desarrollo humano

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Desarrollo humano
Directed byDavid Muñoz
Produced byHíbrida
Screenplay byDavid Muñoz
Music byPhilip Glass, Pink Floyd
CinematographyDavid Muñoz
Edited byAlicia Medina, David Muñoz
Release date
Running time
29 minutes

Desarrollo humano is a Spanish 2007 short documentary film.


Every year, the United Nations Organization (UNO) publishes a Report on Human Development which establishes a worldwide ranking of countries based on a large correlation of social, economic, demographic and health indicators. For the fifth consecutive year, Norway appears as the most developed country on the planet, while Nigeria takes last place once again on this prestigious list, identifying it as the least developed country in the world. This documentary’s intent is to get to know the people who live in these countries, what they think, how they live and how they feel. But it also shows us that people's happiness is not necessarily linked to how "developed" a country is.


  • Trimedia FF 2007
  • International Panorama of Independent Film and Video Makers Greece 2007
  • Orlando Hispanic FF 2007
  • Rockport Texas IFF 2007
  • Philadelphia Documentary & Fiction FF 2007
  • Calgary Fringe FF 2007
  • IV Annual Montana FF

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