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Directed by Chris Roybal
Produced by Jennifer Buntjer
Kristin Roybal
Chris Roybal
Written by Chris Roybal
Music by Nathan Fox-Helser
Michael Hargan
Edward Bell
Steven Carlos Padin
Cinematography Chris Roybal
Edited by Chris Roybal
Distributed by Incredible Films
Release date
National Hispanic Cultural Center
February 6, 2009 (2009-02-06)
Running time
140 minutes
Country United States
Language English
American Sign Language

Descansos (Spanish: Resting Places) is a 2009 American neo-realist film written and directed by Chris Roybal, his second feature film and first to be released. The drama features, in neo-realist fashion, an ensemble cast of professional and non-professional actors.

The drama consists of eight vignettes that take you across Northern New Mexico. Following several different characters dealing with love and loss for people who are soon to die or already have died, the film spans Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Nambe, Espanola, Taos, and finally ending at the sacred Santuario de Chimayo.

The film premiered at the National Hispanic Cultural Center on February 6, 2009.


Among intermittent scenes of The Man (Frederick Aragon) setting down a descanso for each vignette, the eight stories in the picture include:

  • Steven Martinez as Archie
  • Sylvia Sarmiento as Marcelina
  • Alex Cosby as Max
  • Amelia Ampuero as Samantha
  • Rober Gumm as Stem's Customer
  • Genia Michaela as Deb
  • Lenore Armijo as Lina
  • Rachel Hroncich as Kimberly
  • Eduardo Flores as Gil
  • Diego Deane as Juan (Prisoner 060586)
  • Navajo Nguyen as Eva
  • Ryan Angell as Dillon
  • Angeleah Cuevas as Other Girl
  • Bernardo Gallegos as Nick
  • Maggie Fine as Carmella
  • Francisco Sandoval as Baby
  • Everette Scott Ortiz as Zack
  • Eppie Guillen as Grandpa
  • Regina Sanchez as Grandma
  • Nichole Otero as Jessica
  • David Busse as Jack
  • Michael Manzanares as Teenage Boy
  • Amber J. Chenault as Teenage Girl

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