Descend into the Absurd

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Descend Into The Absurd
Studio album by Fleshcrawl
Released November 23, 1992
Recorded June 1992 at Montezuma Studio, Stockholm, Sweden
Genre Death metal, death/doom
Length 54:37
Language English
Label Black Mark
Producer Fleshcrawl
Fleshcrawl chronology
Descend Into The Absurd
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Metal Storm 8/10 stars[1]
Metal Archives 9.5/10 stars[2]

Descend Into The Absurd is the first studio album by the German death metal band Fleshcrawl. It was the only Fleshcrawl album on which guitarist Giro Schmidt appeared.[1]

Unlike later albums, Descend Into The Absurd has minor black metal and doom metal elements to it, particularly in the guitar work, which is often less rhythmic and melodic than their later, Swedish-style death metal. The guitar melodies and tones often alternate somewhat abruptly between low, intense rhythms and high-beat, rapid progressions and the solowork has a very slight bluesy feel to it. The drumwork is typical of early Fleshcrawl, consisting of rapid double-bass drum rolls, heavy blast beats, and a somewhat "tinny" sound that, combined with their both searing mid-range and guttural low-range vocals makes their early sound unique.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks by Fleshcrawl

  1. "Between Shadows They Crawl" - 2:32
  2. "Phrenetic Tendencies" - 5:32
  3. "Perpetual Dawn" - 6:42
  4. "Purulent Bowel Erosion" - 5:11
  5. "Lost In A Grave" - 7:05
  6. "Never To Die Again" - 7:30
  7. "Festering Flesh" - 6:44
  8. "Infected Subconscious" - 6:25
  9. "Evoke The Excess" - 6:56



  • Produced by Boss & Fleshcrawl
  • Recorded and mixed at Montezuma Studio, Stockholm, June 1992
  • Recording and mixing engineer: Rex Gisslen
  • All music and lyrics by Fleshcrawl
  • Cover artwork by Uwe Jarling
  • Graphic work by Headquarters Communication, Berlin


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