Desert Blues

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Desert Blues
Directed by Michel Jaffrenou
Produced by Mondomix Média Arte France Contre-Jour Divano Production Mali K7
Screenplay by Michel Jaffrenou
Cinematography Emmanuel Soyer
Edited by Nicolas Sardjvéladzé
Release date
Running time
60 minutes
Country Belgium

Desert Blues is a 2006 documentary film.


Although they come from different ethnic groups, two musicians and one band from Mali come together to make people listen to the desert: Habib Koité, a Bambara whose roots are in the Khassonke culture of western Mali; Afel Bocoum, a Songhai, considered the heir to Ali Farka Touré; and Tartit, an all-female Tuareg group from Timbuktu, ethnically related to the Berber people, that lends its voice to the cause of a subsisting culture. The coming together of these three is an event with true political significance considering the tragic events that shook Mali between 1995 and 1996.


  • Festival Internacional de Cine de África y de las Islas (FIFAI), La Reunión, 2007