Desert Blume

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Desert Blume is located in Alberta
Desert Blume
Desert Blume
Location of Desert Blume Alberta

Desert Blume is a hamlet in southern Alberta, Canada within Cypress County,[1] adjacent to the southern boundary of Medicine Hat.[2]

The hamlet is located on southwest corner of South Boundary Road (Township Road 122) and Range Road 61A, 0.8 kilometres (0.50 mi) southeast of Highway 3.[3]


Cypress County indicates that the population of the Hamlet of Desert Blume was 306 in the 2011 Census.[4]

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Coordinates: 49°59′13.00″N 110°43′25.50″W / 49.9869444°N 110.7237500°W / 49.9869444; -110.7237500 (Desert Blume)