Desert Rain

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Desert Rain
IndianOcean desertRain.jpg
Studio album by Indian Ocean
Released 1997
Genre Fusion, Rock, Jazz
Label Kosmic
Indian Ocean chronology
Indian Ocean
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Desert Rain Kandisa

Desert Rain is the second album of Indian Ocean and the first live album ever to be released by any Indian band.[1] It was recorded completely by accident from a concert played at the annual SAHMAT show at Mandi House, New Delhi on 1 January 1997. After waiting 7 hours to get on stage, Indian Ocean played an inspired concert that was well received by the crowd. Quite fortuitously, the band noticed a DAT recorder, bought a tape and recorded the concert. No major record label was willing to take the risk of releasing a live album, and so a record company label called 'Independent Music' was formed to release the album. Naresh Bhatia was the person instrumental behind the release of Desert Rain.

The album was released as a limited-edition copy in 1997 for circulation around Delhi. it was re-released in 2002 given the increasingly massive popularity of the band.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Desert Rain"
  2. "Village Damsel"
  3. "Boll Weevil"
  4. "Going To ITO"
  5. "Euphoria"
  6. "From The Ruins"
  7. "Melancholic Ecstasy"


Released on cassettes and CDs, Desert Rain was a landmark album for its time and today. It was recorded and mixed live by sound engineer Vikram Mishra on a DAT tape. The quality was so impressive that almost a decade later, it still continues to sell. In 2006, it was no. 2 on the iTunes UK World Music Charts.

Bhaskar Gupta of gave the album a favourable review and considers it a vital link to the development of the band's music and their early inspirations.[2]


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