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Desert Tactical Arms SRSA1 Stealth Recon Scout
SRS 338 - Side view.jpg
The Stealth Recon Scout .338
Type Bullpup sniper rifle
Place of origin United States
Service history
Used by See Users
Production history
Manufacturer Desert Tech
Unit cost Chassis $3395
Produced 2008–present
Variants Covert, .243, .308 Win (7.62×51mm), .300 Win, .338 LM (8.61 mm)
  • 10 lb (4.5 kg) (Covert)
  • 11.5 lb (5.2 kg) (.243 Winchester)
  • 11 lb (5.0 kg) (7.62×51mm)
  • 12 lb (5.4 kg) (.300 Winchester Short Magnum)
  • 12.37 lb (5.6 kg) (.338 Lapua Magnum)
  • 26 in (660.4 mm) (Covert)
  • 33.5 in (850.9 mm) (.243 Winchester)
  • 31.5 in (800.1 mm) (7.62×51mm)
  • 35.5 in (901.7 mm) (.300 Winchester Magnum)
  • 37.5 in (952.5 mm) (.338 Lapua Magnum)
Barrel length
  • 16 in (406.4 mm) (Covert)
  • 24 in (609.6 mm) (.243 Winchester)
  • 22 in (558.8 mm) (7.62×51mm)
  • 26 in (660.4 mm) (.300 Winchester Magnum)
  • 26 in (660.4 mm) (.338 Lapua Magnum)

Action Bolt-action
Feed system
  • 5-round detachable box magazine (.338 Lapua Magnum)
  • 6-round detachable box magazine (.300 Winchester)
  • 7-round detachable box magazine (.243 Winchester, .308 Winchester)
Sights Telescopic sight

The Stealth Recon Scout (SRS) is a bolt-action sniper rifle developed by the American firearm manufacturer Desert Tech (formerly Desert Tactical Arms). It was unveiled at the 2008 SHOT Show. It is known for its bullpup design, which makes the rifle just as accurate as other rifles with similar barrel lengths, but as compact as an assault rifle or SMG. The gun is also lightweight, weighing 10.5 lbs at its lightest, which makes it easy to use with a bipod or large scope.

Design details[edit]

The Stealth Recon Scout is notably unusual in that it is one of the few sniper rifles that is a bullpup bolt-action layout. This gives the rifle a relatively compact design; claimed to be 11 inches (280 mm) shorter than conventional sniper rifles.[1] Because of the bullpup layout, the magazine and bolt are behind the pistol grip, and therefore the operation is slightly different from most other conventional designs. This layout also shifts more weight to the rear of the rifle; the manufacturer claims that this creates a central balancing point.[2] The sling points are balanced with the centerline of the weapon to ensure it lies flat when slung. It features an adjustable cheekrest, and a raised, contoured buttpad helps to seat it more securely into the shooter's shoulder.

The Stealth Recon Scout was originally designed around the .338 Lapua Magnum cartridge, but is also available in many other calibers, including; .260 Remington , 6.5Creedmoor, 6.5X47Lapua, 7WSM .308 Winchester, and .300 Winchester Magnum — all of which can be changed in a quick conversion.[3] The SRS is fed from a five round box magazine, and uses a 22" - 26" (660 mm) match fluted, free floated barrel. While the barrel is standard with a muzzle brake, it can be removed to allow access to a threaded muzzle for the attachment of a suppressor.The rifle is guaranteed to have a standard 0.5 MOA (0.15 mrad) accuracy and uses a 1-6 lbs (4-27 N) adjustable match trigger.[4]

The rifle is constructed of polymer (available in olive drab, tan, or black), aluminum, and steel. The handguard and upper receiver use a Picatinny rail system for attaching accessories such as a bipod or a telescopic sight. The safety can be operated without removing the user's hand from the pistol grip, and the magazine release can be operated with one hand.

There is also a shorter variant of the SRS rifle that is called the SRS Covert, it shares all the same features of the SRS, but uses shorter barrels and therefore a shorter handguard. The short barreled version of the rifle as stated by the manufacturer is to give users, (particularly military and law enforcement) a more compact and maneuverable for close quarters. It uses 16" and 18" barrels in some of the above mentioned calibers.



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