Desert of Blood

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Desert of Blood
Desert of Blood FilmPoster.jpeg
Directed by Don Henry
Produced by Drew Brody
Written by Don Henry
Starring Justin Quinn
Brenda Romero
Naím Thomas
Mike Dusi
Annika Svedman
Flint Esquerra
Tori White
Natalie J. Horton
Yvonne Rawn
Music by Dean Harada
Jason Moss
Cinematography Pablo Santiago-Brandwein
Edited by Matthew McArdle
Encantado Films
That's Hollywood
Distributed by Gravitas Ventures
Release date
June 24, 2008 (2008-06-24)
Running time
86 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Desert of Blood is a 2008 independent film about a vampire, Luis Diego, who has been left imprisoned underground by the village priest. When accidentally released, he begins to exact revenge on the villagers. However, when he falls in love with a young woman who is visiting the village to care for her aging aunt, he must face the possibility of forgiveness. The story is set in modern-day Mexico.[1]

This film features a largely Latino cast, and was filmed in the Mexican town of Tecate.[2]


For thirty-five years, something evil lay buried beneath the sands of Mexico until a hapless treasure hunter digs up more than he expects, releasing the mysterious, handsome, and deadly Luis Diego (Justin Quinn) from his desert tomb. Finally free, Diego seeks to exact vengeance on those who nearly destroyed him all those years ago, including the woman he once loved, Sarita (Yvonne Rawn).

Diego’s revenge, however, is unexpectedly interrupted when he falls for Sarita’s niece, Maricela (Brenda Romero). He sees in her a second chance – a chance to defeat the darkness inside him and to lead a normal life. But torn between the love in his heart and the evil in his soul, Diego soon discovers that his thirst for blood cannot be denied. With a growing rage, Diego succumbs to his wicked hunger and resumes his quest for vengeance, determined to leave nothing in Mexico but a Desert of Blood.[3]


  • Agustin Buñuel ... Tomas
  • Justin Quinn ... Luis Diego
  • Brenda Romero ... Maricela
  • Naím Thomas ... Cris
  • Mike Dusi ... Carlos
  • Annika Svedman ... Amy
  • Flint Esquerra ... Father Hernandez
  • Tori White ... Samantha
  • Natalie J. Horton ... Heather
  • Yvonne Rawn ... Sarita


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