Desert rock

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Desert rock may refer to:

  • Palm Desert Scene, a music culture in Southern California often described as "desert rock."
  • Stoner rock, a music genre associated with the Palm Desert Scene and thus occasionally referred to as "desert rock."
  • Desert Rock (band), formed by British blues rock guitarist Ramon Goose
  • Dubai Desert Rock Festival, an event celebrating various styles of rock and metal music on one stage in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Desert Rock exercises, a series of exercises conducted by the U.S. military in conjunction with atmospheric nuclear tests
  • Camp Desert Rock, a former staging base for troops participating in the Desert Rock exercises
  • Desert Rock Airport, a private-use airport located three miles (5 km) southwest of the central business district of Mercury, in Nye County, Nevada, United States. The airport is located on the Nevada Test Site and is owned by the United States Department of Energy
  • Mt. Desert Rock, an island of Maine home to the Mount Desert Light lighthouse