Deserto de Viana

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Deserto de Viana in northwestern Boa Vista Island

The Deserto de Viana is a dune field or a sandy desert in the northwestern part of the island of Boa Vista, Cape Verde. It is situated near the towns Rabil and Sal Rei, and west of Bofarreira. The elevation is around 50 m. Its length is 20 km and its width goes 4 km and sometimes 5 km inland. The northern and northeastern portions forms a part of the protected area known as Boa Esperança Nature Reserve.[1] All the sand is blown from the north and the east of the Atlantic underneath the waters towards the southwest. The middle part has an elevation of around 20 m, enough that the dunes blown southwest to the west of the island. These makes up the largest dunes in Cape Verde. Dunes do not blow towards the area of Ponta do Sol as the dunes are not blown into that area. Much of the dunes are created out of broken up seashells.

As it was sandy and contained little or no trees. In the 2000s, trees begin appearing in the western part, around 2014, the western part of the inland portion has become largely forested and the middle part, the shoreline portion and the eastern part remains sandy.

In 2012 the road linking Sal Rei and Fundo das Figueiras with the northeast of the island opening and runs in the southern edge of the desert bypassing Rabil.

Nearby protected areas (mainly) bordering the desert are Ponta do Sol in the west and Norte to the east.

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Coordinates: 16°08′N 22°52′W / 16.14°N 22.86°W / 16.14; -22.86