Deshalji II

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Maharajadhiraj Mirza Maharao Shri
Deshalji II
Sahib Bahadur
Maharao Deshulji II.jpg
Maharaja of Kutch
Reign 25 March 1819 − 26 July 1860
Predecessor Bharmalji II
Successor Pragmalji II
Born 1814
Died 1860
Issue Pragmalji II
Dynasty Jadeja
Father Bharmalji II

Maharajadhiraj Mirza Maharao Shri Deshalji II Sahib Bahadur (b 1814- d 1860) (reign: 1819-1860) was the Rao of Cutch belonging to Jadeja dynasty, who ascended the throne of Princely State of Cutch upon deposition of his father Bharmalji II by British.[1] He reigned during his minority, under a Council of Regency, headed by Captain MacMurdo and composed of Jadeja chiefs.[1][2][3][4]

Before, his ascension of throne in 1819 at behest of British & other Jadeja detractors, his father Rao Bharmalji II, was defeated by joint British & Gaekwad army in 1815 and Kutch accepted suzerainty of British in 1818 and was compelled to accept a British Resident at his court in Bhuj.[1][5]

During his reign Kutch suffered a severe earthquake in 1819 followed by severe famine in 1823, 1825 & 1832.[1] Further, Kutch was attacked by marauding band from Sindh. Rao Deshalji and his Dewan Devkaran with their mediocre power and the support of their brethren defeated Kesarkhan and Sher Bulandkhan the Muslim marauding band. Also they defeated the evil designs of Sindh’s Nagarparkar.[1][6]

Deshalji although 18 years of age took the management of law in his own hands. The trade with Africa especially Zanzibar improved significantly. Slowly and steadily the industrialization in Kutch got a set back which was started by Lakhpatji and Godji.[5][7] The maritime trade with Zanzibar and Oman grew.[5] Also the glass factory started during reign of Lakhpatji by Ram Singh Malam at Madhapar helped industrialization.[5] Further, breeding of good quality Kutchi horses was also encouraged by Deshaliji, which brought in fair amount of revenue.[5] In the period of Deshalji II steps were taken to suppress infanticide, sati and the slave trade in the State. The educational system was also improved.[8][9]

He had eight wives and several sons of which Pragmalji II was declared Yuvraj by him, who ascended the throne after his death in 1860.[1] One of his queens is responsible for erection of present-day temples at Narayan Sarovar. Rao Deshalji II came of age in 1834 and was invested with full ruling powers but in later life, due to ill health, he transferred his ruling power to his son & successor Pragmalji II in 1859 one year before his death.[1][10]

Political Office[edit]

Deshalji II
Born: 1814 Died: 1860
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Bharmalji II
Maharaja of Kutch
Succeeded by
Pragmalji II


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