Deshka River

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Deshka River
Country United States of America
Basin features
Main source 200 ft (61 m)[1][2]
61°59′15″N 150°23′45″W / 61.98750°N 150.39583°W / 61.98750; -150.39583[3]
River mouth Susitna River,
South-West of Willow, Alaska and
North-East of Susitna, Alaska
49 ft (15 m)[3]
61°41′34″N 150°18′23″W / 61.69278°N 150.30639°W / 61.69278; -150.30639Coordinates: 61°41′34″N 150°18′23″W / 61.69278°N 150.30639°W / 61.69278; -150.30639[3]
Physical characteristics
Length 44 mi (71 km)[3]

The Deshka River[pronunciation?][4] is a river in southern-central Alaska.

The Deshka River is one of Southcentral Alaska's premier sport fishing streams, with significant runs of Chinook and coho salmon, along with resident grayling, burbot, northern pike, and rainbow trout. Located within a roadless area, access to the river is difficult and is made usually by power boat from the Susitna River or by floatplane. The Matanuska-Susitna Borough owns much of the land along the final ten miles of the Deshka. The impacts of summer recreational use and tourists have caused loss of riparian vegetation and bank erosion along the Deshka's lower reaches, which has been partially remedied through a restoration project in the summer of 2002. .[citation needed]


Heads at the confluence of Kroto Creek[1] and Moose Creek,[2] 3.5 miles (5.6 km) North of Neil Lake, flows south to join the Susitna River.[3]


  • Kroto Creek[1]
  • Moose Creek[2]

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