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Desiertos ley.jpg
Studio album by La Ley
Released July 24, 1990
Recorded April 1989 - March 1990
Genre Rock/Pop
Label EMI Music
Producer Carlos Fonseca
La Ley chronology
La Ley
Doble Opuesto
Singles from Desiertos
  1. "Desiertos"
    Released: 1990
  2. "Qué Va a Suceder"
    Released: 1990
  3. "Sad"
    Released: 1991

Desiertos is an album by Chilean pop/rock band, La Ley. The album was the only one featuring all the original members: Beto Cuevas, Mauricio Clavería, Andrés Bobe, Luciano Rojas, and Rodrigo Aboitiz. Due to inner problems with the producer, only 500 copies of the album were released. Following the band's success, the album has become a highly sought-after item by fans. Only one single was released from the album, the song "Desiertos" (although the song "Espina Feroz" was considered for release as the first single).


La Ley's main singer, Shia Arbulú, left the band after some unnoticed demos, returning to her native country of Spain. Rodrigo and Bobe were soon joined by Luciano Rojas (bass) and Mauricio Claveria (drums). However, the group lacked a main vocalist and decided to try a saxophonist named Iván Delgado. They soon realized that he was not the right man for the job and decided to part ways him.

At this time, Beto Cuevas was touring Chile to meet the country where he was born. His sister knew Mauricio's sister, and Mauricio decided to tell the band that Beto was his cousin, so he could get a chance. They quickly realized that Beto was their man and decided to include him in the band. Now solidified, the original members of the band La Ley were Beto Cuevas, Andres Bobé, Rodrigo Aboitiz, Luciano Rojas and Mauricio Clavería.

After the formation of the group, they were invited to record their first album. The composition was done almost entirely by Bobe, with the participation of Cuevas on the lyrics of one song, and with some collaboration from the other members in the final phase. Soon, 500 copies of the album were released. However, the producer of the album, Carlos Fonseca, and the band got into a big fight, and, since they lacked a contract, the band left him.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Desiertos" Bobe, Delgado, Aboitiz 3:46
2. "Qué Va a Suceder" Bobe, Delgado, Aboitiz 4:06
3. "Sad" Bobe, Aboitiz, Rojas, Delgado 3:48
4. "Sintiendo Cosas" Bobe, Aboitiz, Rojas, Delgado 4:14
5. "Azuela" Bobe, Cuevas 3:26
6. "Espina Feroz" Bobe, Rojas, Cuevas 4:06
7. "Razones Vivas" Cuevas, Bobe, Aboitiz 3:41
8. "Bomba de Tiempo" Bobe, Rojas, Delgado 3:23
9. "Instrumental" Bobe, Aboitiz, Rojas, Clavería, Cuevas 3:47
10. "Hay Algo Allá Afuera" Bobe, Rojas, Delgado 4:45


  • Alberto "Beto" Cuevas - vocals
  • Andres Bobé - guitars
  • Rodrigo Aboitiz - keyboard
  • Luciano Rojas - bass
  • Mauricio Clavería - drums

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