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Aalto Design Factory
Design Factory logo.png
FormationSeptember 2008
TypeAalto University Factory
PurposeLearning, teaching, research and industry co-operation in product development and design
Coordinates60°10′52″N 24°49′55″E / 60.181047°N 24.831894°E / 60.181047; 24.831894
Kalevi Ekman
Parent organization
Aalto University

Design Factory (DF) is one of the three factories of Aalto University. The stated purpose of the Design Factory is to be a constantly developing environment for learning, teaching, research and industry co-operation related to product development and design.[1]

The director of Design Factory is professor Kalevi Ekman.[2]

The current company partners of DF are Nokia (supporting partner), Kone (project sponsor), Aito, Bravo Media, Powerkiss,[3] Seos Design, Uploud Audio, and Veturi Growth Partners. Also, some non-profit organizations have their premises on Design Factory. There are also research projects going on at DF.

Design Factory is physically located in Otaniemi specifically in Betonimiehenkuja 5, Espoo.[4]


Design Factory was opened in September 2008[5] and the opening ceremony was held October 3, 2008.[6] During Fall 2008 and spring 2009, the Product Development Project (PDP) took place in the factory.

The building[edit]

Design Factory building in Otaniemi, Espoo.

The building itself is an old wood processing technology building, which has been redecorated. Six bigger places: the stage, the studio, lobby, engine room, puuhamaa, and cafe constitute the main spaces of Design Factory.[7]


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