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designclue was a global, online, crowdsourcing platform, founded by PurpleCow Inc. established in 2012 and closed in 2017. In the website, companies / organizations / individuals created custom "Contest" to find independent freelance creators and purchase their creatives.[1]
Independent contractors (mostly designers) created online profiles and portfolios, submit proposals to each contests, and collaborate and receive payment through the designclue website.


2011 / Dec - Won the 1st prize in Japanese incubation contest "Startup Challenge 5th" and funded US$30,000.[2]
2012 / Jun - PurpleCow Inc. has been Established in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. 2012 / Sep - Launched closed beta version of "designclue", the crowdsourcing service specializing in Designers. 2012 / Nov - Moved the office to Yanagibuild (Roppongi). 2013 / Feb - Funded 147,000 US$ by Incubate Fund and East Ventures. [3]
2013 / Mar - Aligned with, an easy online EC store platform, and started producing online shop logo for free. [4]
2013 / Apr - Aligned with Frekul, a free music distribution SNS[5], and started artist-friendly designs productions. [5]
2013 / Jun - Moved the office to Roppongi build.
2017 / Company closed.

In 2013, designclue was used by users from 65 countries including Japanese.[6]

Other sites that provide similar services are Freelancer, DesignContest, Talenthouse.

Awards and recognition[edit]

designclue was awarded in one of the biggest Japanese Tech conference "IVS 2012".[7]

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