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Formerly called
Industry Cloud Software: Educational technology
Founded 1999
Headquarters Kitchener, ON, Canada
Key people
John Baker(CEO),
CSO: Jeremy Auger,
CFO: Brandon Nussey
Brands Brightspace
Number of employees
Website www.D2L.com

D2L Corporation, known until 2014 as Desire2Learn, is an educational technology company with corporate headquarters in Kitchener, Ontario. It is known for its Brightspace learning management system.[1][2][3]


Desire2Learn was founded in 1999[4] by president and CEO John Baker. The company is headquartered in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, and has 800+ staff in the US, Canada, the UK, Brazil, Singapore and Australia.[5]

In 2004, D2L first introduced support for Competency Based Education, and subsequently added integrations with other D2L products such as ePortfolio.[6][7]

In 2011, D2L acquired Captual Technologies Inc.[8] whose technology evolved into the Brightspace Capture[9] offering.

In 2012, D2L raised $80 million in financing.[10][11]

In 2013, D2L acquired Wiggio,[12][13] and Knowillage Systems Inc., the creator of the adaptive learning engine, LeaP.[14][15]

In 2014, D2L rebranded its integrated learning platform as Brightspace.[1] The company name was changed to D2L Corporation. In 2014, D2L raised an $85 million series B financing round.[16][17][18] D2L acquired the Achievement Standards Network (ASN).[19]

Patent battle[edit]

Competitors include BlackBoard Inc. and Moodle Pty Ltd.[20] In 2006, D2L and Blackboard were involved in a legal dispute over issues related to U.S. Patent 6,988,138.[21][22] In December 2009, the companies issued a joint press release indicating that legal proceedings had ended with both companies agreeing to license each other's software.[23][24] For more information about Blackboard and U.S. Patent 6,988,138, see Legal matters section of the Blackboard Inc. article.

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