Desiree Ortíz

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Desiree Ortíz
Model Desiree Ortiz.jpg
Desiree Ortíz at the Studio of Kike San Martín
Born Desiree Ortíz Perez
(1985-12-28) December 28, 1985 (age 31)
Caracas, Venezuela
Nationality Venezuela Venezuelan
Education Universidad Santa María (Caracas)
Occupation Actress, Journalist & tv Host
Years active 1996 - present
Known for Latina VJ Venevisión, Televen, RCN, TV Azteca, Univisión and Fox Sports
Home town Miami
Weight 54 kg (119 lb; 8.5 st)
Relatives Denisse Ortiz Perez (Miss Canaima 2006)
Awards Premios Fox Sports en español (journalism awards)

Desiree Ortíz (born December 28, 1985 in Caracas, Venezuela) is a television host Journalist and model . Her career began with Venevision in shows like "Ruge Mania", "Atómico", "A Toda Acción" and "Nubeluz" on the Televen Network.

Additionally, she has appeared on various advertising campaigns and TV commercials in her country.[1]

Early life[edit]

Desiree was born in Caracas where she attended school and learned to ride.

At the age of 17, she began her studies in social communication in the Universidad Santa María (Caracas), a private university in Venezuela. This university has the largest school of social communication in the country. And at 21 she left to pursue work opportunities abroad.

She lived and worked in Spain, Mexico,[2] Costa Rica,[3] Colombia, Argentina and the United States. After commuting between Los Angeles and Miami, she settled down in the United States. In 2006, she acted as host for DirecTV Latin America's coverage of the 2006 FIFA World Cup,[4] leading to her image being broadcast across the region.[5]

She has also acted as hostess for Fashion TV in Bogotá, Colombia, covered the Mar del Plata music festivals in Argentina for On DirecTV,[6] Mexico's TV Azteca's Sports, Univision's Control, France-Cannes Festival and The Fox Sports Awards.

Desiree has been featured in advertising campaigns for Miu Miu, 7 Up, Telefónica Movistar, Ferrero Rocher, EFE Ice Cream, Fiz, Mulco, Colgate (toothpaste), Armandeus hair stylists among others. Desiree currently is the host of Latin Angel Special, a television show dedicated to the beauty of women, gastronomy and tourism.[7]


She has received several journalism awards, such as the Premios Fox Sports en español "The most competent younger Journalist" Award in 2008. She has also been named "Model of the year" in 2006 by The Film recording and Entertainment Council.


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