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DeskStation Technology was a manufacturer of RISC-based computer workstations intended to run Windows NT. DeskStation was based in Lenexa, Kansas.

MIPS-based systems[edit]

Initially, DeskStation designed and produced MIPS-based workstations, such as the DeskStation Tyne v4633x and DeskStation rPC44 (Evolution E4400 RISC PC and Evolution R4400 RISC PC), which conformed to the ARC computer specification (and implemented the associated firmware). Rather than adopt the Jazz reference design for its MIPS systems, DeskStation developed its own internal bus and chipset systems which offered greater performance compared to the more common Jazz machines. The resulting DeskStation machines began production in 1994, and had an initial price range from $2,990 for a basic system to $6,000 or more for machines with secondary cache and large memory configurations.

Alpha-based systems[edit]

Later, when Windows NT was ported to the Alpha architecture, DeskStation created a flexible computer platform that allowed either MIPS or Alpha architectures to be swapped either during production or by the end-user. These machines, part of the DeskStation Raptor series, were called the Raptor Reflex line. In 1998, DeskStation licensed its motherboard designs and chipsets from to Samsung, a DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation) Alpha licensee.

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