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Gender male
Word/name anglicized Irish
Region of origin English-speaking world
Other names
Related names Des

Desmond is a given name and surname of, derived from the Irish place-name Desmond, an anglicization of Gaelic Deas-Mhumhna "South Munster".[1] The Irish peerages of Ormonde, Desmond, and Thomond represented the old sub-kingdoms of East, South and North Munster, respectively.[2] South Munster existed as an independent territory between 1118 and 1543. The title of Earl of Desmond (fourth creation) in the Peerage of Ireland originates in 1628; it is currently held by Alexander Feilding, 12th Earl of Denbigh (b. 1970).

Notable people with the given name[edit]

Stage name[edit]

  • Desmond Child, stage name of John Charles Barrett (born 1953), American songwriter

Notable people with the surname[edit]

Stage name[edit]

  • Johnny Desmond, stage name of Giovanni Alfredo De Simone (1919–1985), American singer active in the 1940s and 1950s
  • Olga Desmond, pseudonym taken by Olga Sellin (1891–1964), German dancer and actress who promoted nudity on the stage
  • Paul Desmond, stage name of jazz saxophonist Paul Emil Breitenfeld (1924–1977)

Fictional characters[edit]



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