Desmond Devlin

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Desmond Devlin
Devlin at a November 18, 2013 signing for Inside Mad at a Barnes & Noble in Manhattan
Occupation Comedy writer, satirist
Genre Comedy, satire
Notable works Mad
Notable awards 2001 Harvey Award nomination

Desmond Devlin is an American comedy writer. His work has appeared in the pages of Mad magazine since 1984, and with more than 450 bylined articles, he ranks as one of the magazine's three most frequent non-illustrating writers.[1]

Devlin's recurring features have included "Melvin and Jenkins' Guide to ____," "Badly-Needed Warning Labels for Rock Albums," "Chilling Thoughts," "Stuff My Friend Moish Says," "Pop-Off Videos," "Mad Deconstructs Talk Shows" and "Graphic Novel Review." He has also written over fifty TV and movie parodies for the magazine, including all eight of the Harry Potter films[2][3][4][5][6][7] and all six installments of the Lord of the Rings/Hobbit film series.[3][4][8]

He was nominated for a 2001 Harvey Award for Best Writer for his work at Mad.[9]


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