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Desmond Zwar, born in Beechworth, Victoria, was an author and veteran reporter from Melbourne, Australia. He studied at Scotch College, Melbourne, graduating in 1949.[1]

He worked for the Border Mail in Albury, New South Wales, and The Herald (now the Herald Sun) in Melbourne. He was a reporter, foreign correspondent, feature writer and acting features editor of the Daily Mail in London for 11 years.[1] Having previously lived near Cairns in Queensland, as of 1999, he resided in Beechworth.[1]

Zwar was most famous for conducting an interview over several years with imprisoned Nazi leader Rudolf Hess.[2] That gained international attention because Zwar persuaded Hess to admit that he had been part of the planning team for the invasion of the Soviet Union. The imminent invasion was what had convinced Hess to try, at the last moment, to seek an alliance with Britain against Bolshevism by flying to Scotland in 1941.[2]

Zwar's son, Adam Zwar, is an actor in Australia.

On April 27, 2022, his son Adam announced on social media that Zwar had passed away.[3]

Books by Desmond Zwar[edit]

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