Despite the Night

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Despite the Night
Malgré la nuit.jpg
Film poster
Malgré la nuit
Directed by Philippe Grandrieux
Produced by Catherine Jacques
Stéphanie Morissette
Nicolas Ccomeau
Written by Philippe Grandrieux
Bertrand Schefer
Rebecca Zlotowski
John-Henry Butterworth
Starring Kristian Marr
Ariane Labed
Roxane Mesquida
Paul Hamy
Music by Ferdinand Grandrieux
Cinematography Jessica Lee Gagné
Edited by Françoise Tourmen
Mandrake Films
1976 Productions
Distributed by Shellac
Release date
  • 11 October 2015 (2015-10-11) (FNC)
  • 6 July 2016 (2016-07-06) (France)
Running time
156 minutes
Country France
Language French

Despite the Night (original title: Malgré la nuit) is a 2015 French-Canadian experimental film directed by Philippe Grandrieux.[1][2]



The film premiered at the Festival du nouveau cinéma in October 2015. It was screened at the AFI Fest in November 2016.[3][4]


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