Desportivo de Cova Figueira

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Full name Desportivo de Cova Figueira Clube Futebol
Nickname(s) Os Azues & Preto
Founded July 22, 1996
Ground Estádio Monte Pe Largo
Cova Figueira, Fogo Island
Cape Verde
Ground Capacity 5,000
Owner Camara Municipal De Santa Catarina Do Fogo
Chairman Cape Verde Fernando Fontes Fernandes
Manager Cape Verde João Pedro da Veiga
League Fogo Island League
2013–14 4th

Desportivo De Cova Figueira Clube Futebol (Capeverdean Crioulo, ALUPEC or ALUPEK: Disportivu, São Vicente Crioulo: Dsportiv') is a football (soccer) club that plays in the Fogo Island League in Cape Verde, and it is based in Fogo. Founded by residents of Cova Figueira, it has won 4 titles since 1996. The team plays at Estádio Monte Pe Largo in Cova-Figueira.

Created in 2004, the team crest is round with a blue fish in the middle of the crest. The old crest was a blue circle with a face of the Coat of Arms of Cova Figueria. The previous stadium that the team played in was called Estadio Olimpico do Fogo and could hold about 2789 to 3890 people.

Season to season[edit]


Foundation and early history[edit]

On July 22 of 1996, a meeting between young people and some players in the town of Cova Figueira decided to make a team of their own. So they created a team called Desportivo de Cova Figueira. Tadeu was named the first manager of Desportivo de Cova Figueira.

Their first game was played on September 2 of 1996 against Cutelinho FC. The team was not doing so good in the beginning of the tournament. They lost the 3–1 in favors of Cutelinho FC.


In February 2004, Joao Pedro da Veiga was named the next manager of Desportivo de Cova Figueira. In 2005, he signed the top Santiago defender Miguel to play alongside Moku.In 2007 he signed with Bachada Fluminense for 2 straight season. He returned to the club in the summer of 2009. During the 2005 pre-season, the team traveled to the United States to play 5 games. During that time, the Goalkeeper, "Manni" was assassinated by couple of thugs from Brockton, Ma. The funeral took place two weeks after. Manni's family was there in the US when this happened. The team flew back to Cova Figueira after the funeral.

In 2006, Joao Pedro signed some young players. Such as Virgiliu, Papazinho, Jair, Nene de Olimpia, & Valuka.

The season of 08/09 was not a very good season for the Figueirenses. Desportivo got in the 8th place of the F.L.C. (Fogo League Championship). Disportivo was about to go to 2nd division in the F.L.C.. Desportivo got the worst result of the history of the club in the season 08/09 in F.L.C.

2010 – Present[edit]

The new era started as "Desportivo" signed new and young talented footballers to the squad. On January 20 of 2010 they got their theme song. The song is called "Viva Desportivo" by Nhelas and Amilcar. The team got many fans by the theme song. In June 2011, "Desportivo" won the league for the 4th time in its history. Again the club currently plays in the second division since their relegation in 2014.[1]


The stadium was built in May 1999. It holds about 5,000 people. The stadium is mostly like the Estadio 5 de Julho in the capital of Fogo Sao Felipe. The stadium was renovated in 2008, it's more new and has more touching models in it that represents each team. The City Hall of Cova Figueira is planning on expanding it.


1997, 2003, 2009


  • Best position: 2nd (regional)

Current squad[edit]

  • As of 25 August 2012

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
1 Cape Verde GK Raul
2 Cape Verde DF Ze Maria Fontes
3 Cape Verde DF Papazinho
4 Cape Verde DF Maduenno
7 Cape Verde FW Jair
8 Cape Verde MF Nene (captain)
9 Cape Verde FW Frankilin
10 Cape Verde MF Lio'
11 Cape Verde MF Salvador
12 Cape Verde GK Jakky
No. Position Player
16 Cape Verde GK Botinha
17 Cape Verde DF Parumannu
19 Cape Verde DF Miguel
20 Cape Verde MF Nene de Olimpia
22 Cape Verde FW Samuel
22 Cape Verde MF Kamanne
25 Cape Verde GK Tonni
27 Cape Verde MF Sao Joao
90 Cape Verde FW Imanuel

Retired numbers[edit]

  • Cape Verde Manni – 12 : Got assassinated in a trip to U.S.A during the 2005 Summer Vacation.

Notable former players[edit]

Started in the 1990s

  • Cape Verde Euclides Monteiro Fontes
  • Cape Verde Ciciliu
  • Cape Verde Eurico Fernandes
  • Cape Verde Fernando Feranades
  • Cape Verde Orlando Fernandes
  • Cape Verde Pinto
  • Cape Verde Christiany
  • Cape Verde Fausto
  • Cape Verde Nhonho de Juaquina
  • Cape Verde Dranha
  • Cape Verde Carlos Alberto
  • Cape Verde Sheu
  • Cape Verde Tadeu
  • Cape Verde Felipe

Started in the 2000s

  • Cape Verde Joao Felipe
  • Cape Verde Nene
  • Cape Verde Lio'
  • Cape Verde Nene de Kintinu
  • Cape Verde Dranha de Lapinha
  • Cape Verde Juviano
  • Cape Verde Luciano
  • Cape Verde Manni
  • Cape Verde Manuel
  • Cape Verde Klaudio
  • Cape Verde Papazinho
  • Cape Verde Moku
  • Cape Verde Linkinho
  • Cape Verde Virgiliu
  • Cape Verde Sebastiao
  • Cape Verde Salvador
  • Cape Verde Frankilinho
  • Cape Verde Cotton
  • Cape Verde Djedje
  • Cape Verde Gassy
  • Cape Verde Imanuel
  • Cape Verde Chale
  • Cape Verde Nene de Olimpia
  • Cape Verde Kinzitu
  • Cape Verde Jair
  • Cape Verde Ze Maria
  • Cape Verde Miguel
  • Cape Verde Valuka
  • Cape Verde Irlando Lopes
  • Cape Verde Nechinho
  • Cape Verde Valdo
  • Cape Verde Franck
  • Cape Verde Ze

Notable Coaches[edit]

  • Cape Verde Joao Pedro da Veiga
  • Cape Verde Tadeu
  • Cape Verde Christianny
  • Cape Verde Fausto Fontes

Player of the year (1996–Present)[edit]

Year Winner
1996 Cape Verde Ciciliu
1997 Cape Verde Sheu
1998 Cape Verde Sheu
1999 Cape Verde Tadeu
2000 Cape Verde Euclides
2001 Cape Verde Juviano
2002 Cape Verde Lio'
2003 Cape Verde Orlando
2004 Cape Verde Moku
2005 Cape Verde Juviano
2006 Cape Verde Juviano
2007 Cape Verde Nene
2008 Cape Verde Frankilin
2009 Cape Verde Klaudio
2010 Cape Verde Nene
2011 Cape Verde Nene
2012 Cape Verde Frankilin

Coaching staff[edit]

Position Staff
First Team Coach Cape Verde Joao Pedro da Viega
Assistant First Team Coach Cape Verde Nhonho Juaquina
Assistant First Team Coach Cape Verde Tadeu
Goalkeeping Coach Cape Verde Christianny

Notable chairmen[edit]

  • Cape Verde Manuel Andrade
  • Cape Verde Aquileu Goncalves (in 2013)
  • Cape Verde Joao Fontes
  • Cape Verde Eurico Fernandes Fontes
  • Cape Verde Fernando Fernandes Fontes (in 2011, in 2014)
  • Portugal Joao Pires
  • Spain Xavi Hernandezz Cabral
  • Spain Juan Lapporda

Notable trainers[edit]

  • Cape Verde Almara (in 2010)
  • Cape Verde João Pedro Miranda (in 2013)
  • Cape Verde João Pedro da Veiga (in 2015)


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