Despotate of Angelokastron and Lepanto

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Not to be confused with Despotate of Epirus, or with the Despotate of Arta, with which it was eventually unified.
Despotate of Angelokastron and Lepanto


Flag of the Shpata Family and the Despotate of Arta

Map of the Despotate of Angelokastron and Lepanto
Capital Angelokastron
Languages Albanian, Greek
Religion Eastern Orthodox Church
Government Monarchy
 •  1358-1374 Gjin Bua Shpata[1]
Historical era Medieval
 •  Established April 1358
 •  Unified with the Despotate of Arta 1374

The Despotate of Angelokastron and Lepanto was a short-lived despotate ruled by the Albanian chieftain Gjin Bua Shpata, in the late medieval period including parts of Western Greece. It was created after the defeat of Nikephoros II Orsini, Despot of Epirus in the Battle of Achelous, in 1359 and ceased to exist in 1374, when its ruler unified the territory with the Despotate of Arta.[2][3]


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