Destination Anywhere Tour

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Destination Anywhere Tour
Tour by Jon Bon Jovi
Associated album Destination Anywhere
Start date June 9, 1997 (1997-06-09)
End date June 22, 1998 (1998-06-22)
No. of shows 8 in North America
13 in Europe
1 in South America
1 in Asia
1 in Australia
25 Total

The Destination Anywhere Tour was Jon Bon Jovi's first ever solo tour. It had a mixture of songs including songs for the Blaze of Glory solo album, his new solo album Destination Anywhere and some songs from his band Bon Jovi.

Jon Bon Jovi (John Francis Bongiovi Jr) played at various arenas and stadiums like Wembley Stadium in London. The tour lasted from 1997 through to 1998.

Set list[edit]

Tour dates[edit]


Date City Country Venue
June 9, 1997 Hamburg Germany Grosse Freiheit 36
June 10, 1997 Paris France Élysée Montmartre
June 12, 1997 London England London Forum
June 18, 1997 New York City United States Supper Club
June 21, 1997 Atlanta Roxy Theatre
June 24, 1997 Toronto Canada Maple Leaf Gardens
July 4, 1997 Indianapolis United States Uncle Jam Sam
July 7, 1997 Tokyo Japan Nippon Budokan
August 16, 1997 London England Wembley Stadium
September 1, 1997 Myrtle Beach United States Myrtle Beach Amphitheater
September 20, 1997 Boston Orpheum Theatre
September 21, 1997 Providence Lupo's Heatbreak Hotel
October 11, 1997 Rio de Janeiro Brazil Rock in Rio Cafe
October 20, 1997 Melbourne Australia Rod Laver Arena
October 30, 1997 Allentown United States Allentown Symphony Hall
April 28, 1998 Bremen Germany Stadthalle
April 29, 1998 Erfurt Messehalle
April 30, 1998 Nuremberg Frankenhalle
May 2, 1998 Ischgl Austria Ski Village
May 4, 1998 Vienna Wiener Stadthalle
May 5, 1998 Mannheim Germany Eisstadion
May 6, 1998 Lausanne Switzerland Patinoire De Malley
June 20, 1998 Ledenitzen Austria Festivalgelande
June 22, 1998 Linz Sporthalle

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Personagens Jon Bon Jovi – vocals, acoustic & electric guitar, harmonica, piano Dean Fasano – background vocals Steve Lironi – acoustic & electric guitar, keyboards, synthesizer, programming loops Bobby Bandiera – electric & slide guitar Lance Quinn, Eric Bazilian, Dave Stewart & Aldo Nova – guitar Kurt Johnston – dobro Desmond Child – tuba Guy Davis – piano, Hammond B-3 organ Rob Hyman – wurlitzer piano Jerry Cohen – organ, keyboards, slide guitar Alex Silva – keyboards, programming Terry Disley & Imogen Heap – keyboards Hugh McDonald – bass Kenny Aronoff – drums Andy Wright & Paul Taylor – programming Maxayne Lewis, Alexandra Brown, Zhana Saunders, Brigitte Bryant, Mark Hudson, Dean Fasano, Mardette Lynch and Helena Christensen – background vocals David Campbell, Teese Gohl – string Arrangements