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Destination Atlantis was a competition held by Imagic, a video game developer, in 1982. Imagic were the creators of Atlantis for the Atari 2600.

The competition[edit]

Imagic invited players of Atlantis to take pictures of their high scores on their television screens and mail them to the company.[1] Those who had the highest scores were then rewarded with a copy of Atlantis II.[1] The latter game, rather than being a mass-produced sequel to Atlantis, was a special edition of the original Atlantis, featuring faster enemy ships which were worth fewer points. The concept behind this was to create a more difficult game that would "determine the true champion".[1]

Collectors item[edit]

As very few cartridges were created, Atlantis II is now a rare and highly-valued collectors item.[1] Prices as of 2010 can reach 6000 USD.[2]


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