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The spectacular fireworks at the concert

Destination Docklands was an event consisting of two concerts by musician Jean Michel Jarre on the Royal Victoria Docks, Docklands, London on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9 October 1988, to coincide with the release of Jarre's new album Revolutions.[1] The concerts were attended by 100,000 people on each night.

Accompanied by fireworks and a light show, the concert also featured The Shadows guitarist Hank Marvin who joined Jarre on the tracks "London Kid" and "Fourth Rendez-Vous".

The Saturday performance was broadcast on BBC Radio One. The Sunday show, during which it rained heavily, was recorded for a live album and VHS released in 1989. The Sunday show was also recorded for TV and shown on C4 some weeks or months later.

More fireworks

Track listing for concert[edit]

Part 1: Industrial Revolution

- Industrial Revolution: Overture* - Industrial Revolution: Part 1* - Industrial Revolution: Part 2* - Industrial Revolution: Part 3* - Équinoxe 5^ - Ethnicolor^

Part 2: Swinging Sixties

- Computer Weekend^ - Les Chants Magnétiques II / Magnetic Fields II* - Oxygène 4* - Équinoxe 7^ - London Kid (with Hank Marvin)

Part 3: The Nineties

- Third Rendez-Vous / Laser Harp^ - Tokyo Kid^ - Revolutions* - Souvenir de Chine / Souvenir of China^ - Second Rendez-Vous* - Fourth Rendez-Vous*

Part 4: The Finale

- September - The Emigrant

(* Indicates that the songs were on the official VHS release, but in trimmed formats, whereas ^ indicates the songs had been omitted from the official VHS, released in 1989)


  • Jean-Michel Jarre: Synthesizers
  • Michel Geiss: Synthesizers
  • Dominique Perrier: Synthesizers
  • Francis Rimbert: Synthesizers
  • Guy Delacroix: Bass
  • Jo Hammer: Drums
  • Dino Lumbroso: Percussions
  • Sylvain Durand: Synthesizers
  • Christine Durand: Soprano
  • Hank Marvin: Guitar on London Kid and Fourth Rendez-Vous
  • Mireille Pombo: Vocals on September
  • Sori Bamba: Conductor of Mali Choir on September
  • Kudsi Erguner: Turkish Flute on Revolutions
  • Bruno Rossignol: Choir Conductor
  • Xavier Bellenger: Ethnical Music Advisor
  • Setsuko Yamada: Solo Dance Performance