Destined Records

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Destined Records
Founded 2000
Founder Matt Schwartz, Gil Goldberg
Genre Dance
Country of origin United Kingdom
Location London, United Kingdom
Official website

Destined Records is an independent record label, based in West End in London, in the United Kingdom.


Destined Records was set up for the club output of producer Matt Schwartz, known for his work on Massive Attack, his Deepest Blue project and the producer behind hundreds of club records from Tall Paul, Arthur Baker and other DJs.

Starting its life in 2000, Destined Records has hosted hits from The Drill, 4tune500, M'black and Dada Ft. Sandy Rivera and Trix, Deepest Blue and collaborations with Paul Harris and Sam Obernik, MJ Cole, Jo Mills and Jonathan Ulysses, Destined has had support from Pete Tong, Eddie Halliwell, Sister Bliss, Tiga, Paul van Dyk, and Tiësto.


DEST01 - M' Black 'Day Dream'
DEST02 - Shine 'Feelings'
DEST03 - Quantom 'Cannibal'
DEST04 - Matt Schwartz Pres. Sholan 'Can You Feel'
DEST05 - Sabre (2) 'High Tide'
DEST06 - Orielle 'All I Know'
DEST07 - M' Black 'Good Girl'
DEST08 - Illusion 'I got the feeling'
DEST09 - The Drill 'The Drill'
DEST10 - 4Tune 500 'Strung Out'
DEST11 - 9 Lives 'Electro Sex'
DEST12 - Antarctica 'Antarctica'
DEST13 - Matt Cole* & Matti Schwartz* present UnBalanced 'Earthlift'
DEST14 - M' Black 'Night Runner'
DEST15 - The Drill 'One More Night'
DEST16 - Streamrocker Meets Alexander Purkart & Gorge 'Give It Up For Love'
DEST17 - Crackdown EP1
DEST18 - DADA Feat. Sandy Rivera & Trix 'Lollipop'
DEST19 - Shay Dt 'Release'
DEST20 - The Drill 'Queen Bee'
DEST21 - Bar Electric 'Watch out'
DEST22 - Klark 'Do Disco' DEST24 - 4TUNE500 'You gotta believe'
DEST24 - Crackdown 'Pressure'
DEST25 - The Drill Feat. Jonny L 'Can't wait for love'
DEST26 - DADA Feat. Sandy Rivera & Trix 'Shake ya Back' (unreleased)
DEST27 - Jukey Feat Sway 'The Way We Go'
DEST28 - Benny Streisand 'Cellphone'
DEST29 - Deepest Blue 'Miracle'
DEST30 - Firetruck 'Burning'
DEST31 - 4TUNE500 'Dancing in the dark' 08
DEST32 - The Drill Feat. Firetruck&Antarctica 'Piano Mano'
DEST33 - 9Lives 'Planet Earth'
DEST35 - DADA, Obernik & Harris 'Stereo Flo'

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