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Carnival Destiny in Castries, St. Lucia 2.jpg
Carnival Sunshine in Carnival Destiny livery
Class overview
Builders: Fincantieri
Preceded by: Fantasy class
Succeeded by: Spirit class
Built: 1994–1996
In service: 1996–present
Completed: 5
Active: 5
General characteristics
Type: Cruise ship
Tonnage: 101,509–102,853 GT
Length: 893 ft (272 m)
Beam: 116 ft (35 m)
Decks: 13
Speed: 21 knots (39 km/h; 24 mph)
Capacity: 2,642 passengers
Crew: 1,040

The Destiny class is a class of cruise ships owned by Carnival Cruise Line. The class was modified after the lead ship, Carnival Destiny, was launched. This is reflected in both Carnival Triumph and Carnival Victory.


Carnival Destiny was launched in 1996 as the first in Carnival Cruise Line's Destiny class of ships. When launched it held the distinction as the worlds largest passenger ship as well as the first passenger ship to be built over 100,000 GT. A sister ship, Carnival Triumph, launched in 1999 and was followed by Carnival Victory in 2000. Though similar to Carnival Destiny, Carnival Triumph and Carnival Victory were larger, containing an additional passenger deck and additional cabins. As a result both stood apart from the Destiny class and were ultimately classified as Triumph-class ships. Carnival Cruise Line and Costa Cruises would build larger variations based on the Destiny-class ships in the years that followed.

Destiny/Sunshine/Triumph/Fortuna-class ships[edit]

Destiny/Sunshine-class ships[edit]

Ship Year
Sailed for
Gross tonnage Flag Notes Image
Carnival Sunshine 1996 1996– Present 102,853 GT  Bahamas Originally sailed as Carnival Destiny. After her 2013 transformation, Carnival now identifies her as the sole member of the Sunshine class.
World's largest passenger ship (measured by gross tonnage), when built.
First cruise ship over 100,000 GT.
Carnival Sunshine 02.JPG

Triumph-class ships[edit]

The two ships have an additional deck than the Sunshine.

Ship Year
Sailed for
Gross tonnage Flag Notes Image
Carnival Triumph 1999 1999–2013
June 2013 – present
101,509 GT  Bahamas Identical to Carnival Victory. On February 14, 2013 the ship was towed to Mobile, Alabama for repairs after an engine room fire and resumed service on June 13, 2013, four months after being out of service.[1] Will be dry docked and renamed Carnival Sunrise in 2019, similar to the Carnival Destiny becoming Carnival Sunshine. Carnival Triumph Half Moon Cay.jpg
Carnival Victory 2000 2000–Present 101,509 GT  Panama Identical to Carnival Triumph. Carnival Victory2.jpg

Fortuna-class ships[edit]

Two additional ships of the Triumph design were built for subsidiary Costa Cruises:[2]

Ship Year
Flag Notes Image
Costa Fortuna 2003 2003–Present 102,587  Italy Identical to Carnival Triumph and Carnival Victory 14DSCF0634 COSTA FORTUNA.jpg
Costa Magica 2004 2004–Present 102,587  Italy Identical to Carnival Triumph and Carnival Victory Costa Magica in Venice 2.jpg


All rooms in the Destiny class feature a bathroom, multiple configuration beds, closets, a television, and a telephone for shipboard use.

Standard Interior[edit]

Standard inside room, no window, found ship-wide, includes booking categories 4A through 4G. Uses a framed picture in the place of a window. Each is 185 square feet (17.2 m2), which is considered large for this type of stateroom. Most rooms can be configured either with two single beds or a single king-sized bed and many rooms have a third and sometimes fourth Pullman upper berth. Bathrooms include a sink, toilet and shower (no tub). Category 4H rooms have Ocean View style windows that look out on deckways. These rooms normally command a premium over Standard Interior rooms. Approximately 12 Interior rooms (including several Category 4H rooms) on each ship are handicapped accessible, with larger entry doors and oversize bathrooms.

Interior Upper/Lower[edit]

There are 18 Interior Upper/Lower rooms (Category 1A) on each ship, located on Decks 1, 2 and 6. These have a single bed and a Pullman upper berth and are only around 150 square feet (14 m2) each, with bathrooms identical to standard Interior rooms. Most of these rooms are located in less desirable parts of the ship, such as far forward near the waterline or wrapped around crew stairs aft.

Ocean view[edit]

Ocean View rooms have a window in the place of the picture frame from the inside room. Similar layout and square-footage. Booking category 5A features portholes, while booking category 6E features floor to ceiling windows. Other booking categories in this division are 6A and 6B which feature a normal sized square window. Bathrooms are identical to those of Interior rooms.


Balcony rooms include Categories 8A through 8N and feature a balcony with two chairs and a small table and offer slightly larger square-footage than the previous two categories. Aft-facing cabins have much larger balconies. As with other categories, in most rooms beds can be placed together to form a single king-sized bed. There is also a sofa which can be configured as an additional bed. Bathrooms are identical to those of Interior and Ocean View rooms. There are also a few Vista Balcony (Category 9C) rooms with oversized balconies and two Premium Balcony (Category 9B) rooms per ship which are the size of Suites but do not have Suite amenities.


Ocean Suites are approximately 1.5 times the size of Balcony rooms and feature larger balconies, dark wood cabinets and trim, granite counter tops and Jacuzzi bathtubs in large bathrooms. Grand Suites are twice the size of Balcony rooms, and are appointed similarly to Ocean Suites but have a separate dining/sitting area with large-screen television.


All Destiny-class ships feature:

  • A meeting facility
  • A show lounge
  • Multiple bars
  • A nightclub
  • An atrium
  • Multiple restaurants
  • Multiple pools
  • Multiple hot tubs
  • A spa
  • A casino
  • Camp Ocean for teens and children (ages 2–17)


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