Destiny (2006 film)

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Kader afisi.jpg
Theatrical Poster
Directed by Zeki Demirkubuz
Produced by Zeki Demirkubuz
Written by Zeki Demirkubuz
Music by Edward Artemiev
Cinematography Zeki Demirkubuz
Distributed by Özen Film, Filmpot
Release date
  • November 17, 2006 (2006-11-17)
Running time
103 minutes
Country Turkey
Language Turkish

Destiny (Turkish: Kader) is a 2006 Turkish drama film, produced, written and directed by Zeki Demirkubuz, starring Vildan Atasever as a bar singer who is in love with a somewhat unstable criminal. The film, which went on nationwide general release across Turkey on November 17, 2006 (2006-11-17), won awards at film festivals in Antalya, Ankara, Nuremberg and Istanbul, including the Golden Orange for Best film. It is a prequel to Innocence (1997).


Uğur (Vildan Atasever) is a bar singer who is in love with a somewhat unstable criminal, Zagor (Ozan Bilen). Her father is seriously ill and her young mother is emotionally distant. Bekir (Ufuk Bayraktar) is a young man who runs his father's business. He becomes infatuated with Uğur after she visits his shop one day. After a series of violent incidents and mishaps occur in Istanbul, both Uğur and Zagor disappear. After Zagor is landed in prison some time afterward, Uğur reappears and asks Bekir to help her. Meanwhile Zagor is transferred to a prison in Sinop. Uğur tries to trace Zagor who has escaped from prison as Bekir tries to trace Uğur.


Kader won several awards including the Golden Orange and Golden Tulip for best film and also for its acting and screenplay

Golden Orange awards

  • Best film, Best actor (Ufuk Bayraktar)

Ankara film festival

Nuremberg film festival

  • Best film (Jury), Audience award,

Istanbul film festival

  • Golden Tulip for best film, Best director (Zeki Demirkubuz), Best actor (Ufuk Bayraktar)

Contemporary Screen Actors Association (CASOD) awards

The Cinema Writers Association (SIYAD) Awards

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