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Name: Destriero
Builder: Fincantieri
Launched: 1991
General characteristics
Type: Private yacht
Displacement: 400 long tons (406 t)
Length: 68.19 m (223.7 ft)
Beam: 13 m (43 ft)
Propulsion: 3 × GE Aviation LM1600 gas turbine engines, 60,000 hp (45,000 kW) total
Speed: 67 knots (124 km/h; 77 mph)

Destriero is a 67-metre (220 ft) long, 13-metre (43 ft) wide, 400-ton displacement, yacht built by Fincantieri in their Muggiano yard at La Spezia in 1991. She is fitted with three GE Aviation LM1600 gas turbines totalling 60,000-horsepower (45,000 kW),[1] providing her with a maximum speed of 110 kilometres per hour (68 mph; 59 kn). Destriero was built with the sponsorship of the Aga Khan IV and others specifically to cross the Atlantic Ocean in record time and secure the Blue Riband.[2][3]

In 1992 Destriero crossed the Atlantic, without refuelling, twice, firstly westbound from Tarifa Point, Spain to Ambrose Light, New York.[3] Her eastbound voyage was from the Ambrose Light to Bishop Rock, Isles of Scilly, a distance of 3,106 nautical miles (5,752 km), at an average speed of 53.09 knots (98.32 km/h). Despite the record time of 58 hours, 34 minutes and 5 seconds, Destriero was denied the Hales Trophy, because she was classed as a "private yacht" and not a "commercial passenger vessel".[2][4] Destriero did, however receive the Virgin Atlantic Challenge Trophy, awarded by former record-holder Richard Branson for the fastest crossing by any vessel, and the Columbus Atlantic Trophy sponsored by the Costa Smeralda and New York Yacht Clubs for the fastest trans-Atlantic round-trip.[2][3]

The ship was laid up in HMNB Devonport dockyard, Plymouth, England for ten years,[4] but was removed in February 2009, reportedly for Lürssen ship yard.[citation needed]


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