Destruction (EP)

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EP by Destruction
Released February 26, 1994
Genre Thrash metal, groove metal
Length 20:58
Label Brain Butcher
Destruction chronology
Cracked Brain
Them Not Me EP

Destruction is an EP by German thrash metal band Destruction. It was the first release self-financed by Mike Sifringer on the Brain Butcher label after Schmier's departure. The period of Brain Butcher releases is often called "Neo-Destruction." This album is the first of the three "Neo-Destruction" albums.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Decisions" 3:55
2. "I Kill Children" 4:40
3. "Things of No Importance" 4:23
4. "Smile" 5:06
5. "Untitled" 2:54
Total length: 20:58


  • Thomas Rosenmerkel - Vocals
  • Mike Sifringer - Guitars
  • Michael Piranio - Guitars
  • Christian Englern - Bass
  • Olly Kaiser - Drums