Det Nødvendige Seminarium

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DNS The Necessary Teacher Training College
DNS logo.jpg
Motto Learning by Doing
Established 1972
Type Private licentiate of pedagogy
Students International
Location Ulfborg, Denmark
Campus Country side
Language English, Danish

Det Nødvendige Seminarium (DNS) (English: The Necessary Teacher Training College) is a private teacher training college located in Denmark. DNS was founded in Denmark in 1972 and has since educated hundreds of teachers now working all over the world in many important jobs concerned with the constant improvement of education for children, youngsters and adults.

DNS is integrated part of the School Center Tvind, and since 2011 DNS is in cooperation with One World University (OWU) in Mozambique, which opened opportunity of new three year program with a degree of licentiate of pedagogy.[1]

The college is private, and the students are self-financed within the framework of the college.[2] The program is half practical - half theoretical with a learning by doing approach.

The Idea[edit]

Africa Study Travel, Guinea-Bissau, January 2012

DNS The Necessary Teacher Training program is made for a person to become a human being in its own rights – not defined by a job or a salary, but by humanity, personal values and skills, as well as abilities to live and work together with others and to bring necessary changes to the community.

DNS educates a student to become a teacher. Obtained teaching skills in a future work with other people enables to explain many complex phenomena of the world. It will be possible to teach a large amount of knowledge, and share many real world experiences, emotions and attitudes.

A teacher plays an important role in society – especially in a society where more and more people – parents and children – are marginalized and discriminated, and have become poor – not only in material values, but indeed in lack of contemporary care and attention in school and lack of opportunities. The big task of the teacher is to prevent alienation and create a human culture by building bridges between all kinds of people.

We know that it is not possible to do it alone. The cooperation with friends and teammates plays essential part. And always a guidance from a good teachers is not wasted opportunity of ones development.

Outline of three year program[edit]

Year 1 – The International Practice Field[edit]

2 months in Denmark preparing for a 4-month study travel through West Africa; and 3 months of elaboration and information work for people in Europe; 3 months bringing it to the public where the teams bring all they learned about peole's life in West Africa to the people in Europe and 3 months saving up to earn money for the expenses of the second year of the education.

Year 2 – The European Practice Field[edit]

6 months training in experiencing and understanding the national reality by seeking employment in factories and other workplaces. Living, studying,working and organizing cultural events in a bigger European city; 3 months studies and exams at the school and 3 months “Doing what you find most appropriate to do”.

Year 3 – The School Practice Field[edit]

8 months training, working, and understanding the reality of children and teachers by seeking employment in a European school; 4 months at the college studying; 4 months at the college studying and taking the last exams.


You should have 12 years of schooling or equivalent work experience. DNS college can enroll students holding EU passports, and the teaching language is English. You don’t need to be fluent in English, but able to communicate and study in English. The education leads to a Bachelor degree in Pedagogy from One World University and a teacher's certificate from the DNS college.

Funding Source[edit]

The 3-year education includes working and saving up periods, where the students can earn their basic living expenses and school fees.

The expenses for the 1st Year have to be saved up before the program starts. It includes school fees, the basic living costs like food, accommodation, some pocket money, and the costs of the study travel to Africa. Some students can earn all the money in their home countries or somewhere else and just arrive when the program starts. Others earn at least part of the money by themselves and, if they have no possibility of raising the full amount alone, they can apply to join DNS’ saving-up group, where they seek all kinds of jobs together to raise the funds in a common effort, while building up their team. From 2012 DNS have offered a 1 year saving up period starting August 1 for a limited amount of students.


DNS Tvind
Skorkaervej 8
Ulfborg, Denmark
Tel: 0045 21124360

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