Det kære legetøj

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Det kære legetøj
Det kære legetøj (Danish Blue) 1968 Gabriel Axel.jpg
Directed byGabriel Axel
Produced byGabriel Axel
Written byGabriel Axel
StarringGurli Taschner
Poul Glargaard
Jesper Klein
Narrated byHolger Juul Hansen
Music byBertrand Bech
CinematographyRolf Rønne
Edited byEdith Nisted Nielsen
Release date
  • 29 July 1968 (1968-07-29)
Running time
91 minutes

Det kære legetøj (The Dear Toy, also known as Danish Blue), made in 1968 by director Gabriel Axel, is a Danish feature film advocating the legalizing of pornography.[1]

A campaigning film, it mixes interviews, reconstructions and fiction in playful fashion, seeking to ridicule and undermine Denmark's censorship laws at the time. The film may be said to have been successful in its objective, as a year after its release Denmark completely legalized pornography.[2]

The film was banned in France but released in both England and the United States. It started a whole wave of documentary films about pornography in Denmark.[3]



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