Detective Conan: The Fist of Blue Sapphire

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Detective Conan: The Fist of Blue Sapphire
Japanese名探偵コナン 紺青のフィスト
Directed byTomoka Nagaoka
Written byTakahiro Okura
Based onCase Closed
by Gosho Aoyama
Music byKatsuo Ono (Soundtrack), Hiroomi Tosaka (Theme Song: "BLUE SAPPHIRE")[1][2][3]
Distributed byToho Company, Ltd.
Release date
  • April 12, 2019 (2019-04-12)
Running time
109 minutes
Box office
  • ¥9.31 billion (Japan)[4]
  • $119.9 million (worldwide)[5][6][7]

Detective Conan: The Fist of Blue Sapphire (名探偵コナン 紺青のフィスト, Meitantei Konan: Konjō no Fisuto) is a 2019 Japanese animated film. It is the twenty-third installment of the Case Closed film series based on the manga series of the same name by Gosho Aoyama, following the 2018 film Detective Conan: Zero the Enforcer. The film was released on 12 April 2019.[8] This is the last Heisei-era Case Closed movie, released weeks before the 2019 Japanese imperial transition.[9][10] The setting of the film takes place in Singapore at the Marina Bay Sands.


The world's greatest blue sapphire, the "blue lapis fist", said to have sunk in a pirate ship in the late 19th century, on the coasts of Singapore. A local millionaire plots to retrieve it, and when it's exhibited in an exhibition at the Singapore Marina Bay Sands hotel, a murder takes place. A bloody Kaitou Kid announcement card is found in the crime scene.

In the meantime, Kogoro, Ran, and Sonoko have come to Singapore to cheer on the strongest karateka with a streak of 400 consecutive victories, Makoto Kyogoku, who is fighting in a karate tournament held there. Conan, who doesn't have a passport and can't travel overseas, was supposed to stay at home. He begs for Haibara to give him the antidote for him to transform to Shinichi, but she refuses.

Later that night, while Conan goes out for a walk, Kid, disguised as Ran, sneaks up behind Conan. Conan notices her, but then gets captured. Conan, realizing he is trapped in a suitcase, uses a pen to poke the zipper and he promptly gets out. Looking around, he realizes that he is in Singapore. Conan also realizes his body color got darker.

Conan tries to look around for Ran, but notices Shinichi, who is really Kid in disguise, is here as well. Shinichi/Kid makes brief talk with Ran and Sonoko, and then goes over to Conan. Kid tells Conan about his mission and the sapphire. The task is a bit special, so he bought Conan over to help him. Conan refuses, but Kid tells him how he transported him over, and that he will not be able to get back to Japan, gets his glasses, wristwatch and clothes, amongst others unless Conan helps Kid.

At this moment, Ran finds Shinichi and notices Conan. Ran, who doesn't realize who he is, asks him his name and he improvises the name Arthur Hirai. Meanwhile, Sonoko texts for Ran to meet her at a place. She is texting Makoto as well when Reijiro Nakatomi and his bodyguards pass by in her path. Sonoko argues with Reijiro, who is surprised by her attitude, but then Makoto comes and defeats al lof Reijiro's bodyguards. Reijiro quickly escapes.

The group and Arthur briefly talk under a bridge. Makoto tells them, because his sponsor Sherilyn died, he cannot fight the final round in the karate tournament. Sonoko agrees to be his sponsor.

As they walk back to the hotel, Rishi Ramanathan approaches them. He asks Kogoro to solve a case for him, but Kogoro refuses as he is on vacation. Shinichi/Kid tells him the benefits of becoming friends with a reserve police officer, benefits that Kogoro likes the most, so he agrees. Rishi then shows him Kid's notice.

Meanwhile, at a villa, Hezli Jamaluddin assures that he will beat Makoto in the tournament.

Rishi and the group arrive at the villa. Rishi explains to Kogoro about the sapphire, mentioning the gem is in the basement. They go downstairs, and John Han Chen arrives as well.

Leon enters the safe room with his fingerprints, showing the group its impenetrable security. He fumbles with the computer, and one of the safe boxes comes down from near the ceiling. The sapphire, along with the karate belt, is then shown to the group. When nobody was looking, Kid takes out an invisible marker and marks the particular safe. When he finished, he shook hands with Leon, promising to protect the safe and gaining Leon's fingerprint.

That night, Kid flies down to the villa and proceeds his heist. He bypasses all the guards, security cameras, and hidden lasers. Kid unlocks the safe room with Leon's fingerprint that he retrieved earlier, finds the particular safe box, and prepares to steal the sapphire. However, he is then confronted by Leon, who was waiting for Kid in the safe room. The two make a brief conversation, while Jamaluddin sneaks up from behind. Kid manages to dodge his attack, but then Leon shoots Kid with a stun gun. Leon and Jamaluddin leave the safe room, with Kid unconscious.

All the safe boxes in the safe room are suddenly covered with protective metal, and the room shrinks in size. Water rises from the bottom of the safe room, which was intended to drown Kid. He however escapes to ground level. A guard spots him and the alarm sounds. Kid escapes all of the guards, but as he is about to escape, Makoto shows up to fight him. As Makoto is about to defeat Kid, a soccer ball rockets towards him from nowhere. Kid manages to escape while Makoto is distracted by the ball. From atop a building, Conan checks out the scene with his gadgets. The soccer ball was kicked by Conan.

Kid picks up Conan and tells him the situation. For many years, Leon Lowe, a criminal behavior psychologist, had been aiming for the legendary secret treasure sapphire buried in the seabed for a purpose. However, when he was so close to retrieving it, John Han Chen found the sapphire. Someone may have hinted the location of the sapphire. Leon also had a lawyer, Sherilyn Tan, but they broke their relationship. So Sherilyn decided to become Makoto's sponsor, so Jamaluddin could not win the tournament. If Jamaluddin did, then the sapphire would then belong to Leon. Thus Sherilyn was killed. The police are suspicious of Leon, but he wasn't on the list of suspects. They think Kid could be the killer, since there was a Kid card found on the elevator. Kid then brings Conan back to the hotel.

Meanwhile, in a pub, Kogoro is drinking when Rachel Cheung comes and gives him a business card, telling him to meet her at the sports center tomorrow.

The next day, the group goes to watch the Zhonan Cup. Jamaluddin defeats all of his opponents. Kid says he won't make a move if the sapphire goes to Makoto. Makoto then arrives and fights his first match. He immediately punches his opponent out of the arena. Ran gets a call from Kogoro, who cannot enter the stadium. Rishi comes over and lets him in. He decides to take them to view the safe. Shinichi/Kid finds this as another opportunity to observe the security enforcements and steal the sapphire.

Rishi tells them, the password to the safe changes every 10 minutes, and is only sent to Inspector Mark Aidan, Rishi and Leon's cell phones. Rishi explains that the safe room seem empty but actually the floor is equipped with weight sensors and the ceiling is equipped with security cameras. The safe room is surrounded by police as well. Suddenly, Kogoro remembers the card Rachel gave to him at the pub. Conan tells him that it is Leon's card, on the back which writes for him to meet at the stadium's exit 3 at 3pm. It is almost 3pm, so Kogoro and Arthur rush over. Kid, meanwhile, has found a way to steal the sapphire.

Meanwhile, Makoto is in his changing room. Leon enters, congratulating him on the match today. He jokingly asks him to be his bodyguard. Makoto proceeds to leave, but then Leon gets serious: he asks why Makoto's fist is existent. He says his fist will lead to others, including loved ones, suffering. Leon proceeds to say good luck and leaves the room. Sonoko enters and takes Makoto out for lunch. Ran decides to stay because Shinichi/Kid wants to guard the safe.

Outside of the sports center, Inspector Aidan is talking to his guards when Rachel accidentally bumps into him. They apologize to each other and Rachel continues on her way. She then receives a text message. She walks back to Aidan and apologizes one more time, while slipping the phone into his pocket no one noticed. Rachel then goes the safe entrance, and tells the guards that Aidan is calling them, and that she can guard the safe in the meantime. They agree.

Kid, disguised as Rachel, proceeds to his heist. He attaches a device showing the safe and altering the security cameras, and grapples into the room. As he proceeds to cut the glass surrounding the sapphire, Rachel's body falls out, surprising Kid. The alarm sounds and Kid has to but escape. Before that, however, he notices that Rachel wrote something with her blood, but he doesn't have time to check. The safe door is closing. He escapes the safe room at the last second. Guards rush from one hallway. Kid backs off and discards them with a card gun. Aidan and his officers surround him. Kid shoots a grappling hook in Mark's direction, bypassing him and his officers. They stumble into a mess. Meanwhile, Arthur and Kogoro are waiting for Rachel to come. They then notice an alarm in the sports center, and rush there, thinking Kid has made his move. Kid escapes the pursuing officers at the stadium and flies away. He happens to pass by Arthur and Kogoro Suddenly, Rishi arrives, telling the two to rush to the safe room.

Aidan has not given up yet. He commands his officers to give chase. Kid lands on a small street, thinking he has escaped the police. Suddenly, officers arrive and before Kid can take his card gun out, they shoot him. Rishi tells Kogoro about Rachel's dead body. Arthur mentions that Kogoro scheduled to meet with Rachel at the exit, but she went to send a message to Aidan before that. He notices that Rachel wrote a few words with blood: "SHE".

Kid, after being shot, lays down behind a building by the pier.

Sonoko and Makoto had just finished eating lunch. As they prepare to go somewhere else, a burly man knocks into her and drops his lunch. He blames Sonoko for the incident, but Makoto stops him and they fight. While Makoto fights him and his gang, Sonoko runs to a nearby police car. Two police officers fell out from the vehicle, unconscious, and the car crashes into Sonoko. Makoto rushes over and realizes what Leon told him earlier was true. At the hospital, Leon arrives and sends a bouquet to Sonoko. He then tells Makoto that the gods are testing him, and he is not ready yet. Leon gives Makoto a wristband. Should the wristband break, he will gain the power. Should he use his fists before the wristband breaks, the bad will happen.

Kid dresses his wounds behind a building, the police thought he was dead so they stopped searching for him, while he talks to Arthur. He gives back Conan's gadgets and flies away.

While Rishi is preparing to go home, he sees Arthur alone. Arthur asks if he could stay at Rishi's house for the night. Rishi agrees. Rishi logs on to his computer to study the info Mark gave him. Arthur shoots him with his Stun Gun Wristwatch and proceeds to check all the information Rishi gathered.

Leon and Jamaluddin meet with Eugene Lim at a small pier. Kid takes this chance to take photos of Leon and Eugene.

The next day, Jamaluddin is seen to defeat all his opponents and proceed to the final round. However, Makoto resigns to stay with Sonoko. He is afraid that the thugs will attack them again, and he cannot use his fist. Sonoko is angry and tells him to leave.

Arthur meets up with Shinichi and reveals the information he found on Rishi's computer yesterday night.

According to a witness, Sherilyn Tan indeed fell in the shopping mall, but she could have been stabbed in an elevator in Tower 3. The murderer chose to kill her in an elevator, because she would have nowhere to run. Leon had booked both his and Sherilyn's rooms. When the incident happened, many people witnessed Leon to be in another elevator. The police confirmed that he was not at the crime scene when it happened, so they cleared him from the list of suspects. Leon was carrying a piece of luggage, but it was empty. He was just retrieving the luggage from a shipment, which was confirmed as well. Kid's notice on the elevator had been stuck there with fake blood, and Rachel was killed in an attempt to frame Kid. The guards could not have moved Rachel's body into the safe room because they could easily activate the sensors or get caught by the security cameras. Thus Leon is the most suspicious individual as he has access to the safe.

Leon could have forced Makoto to resign and not fight the tournament, so Jamaluddin could win and the sapphire would belong to Leon. Conan asks why, and Kid shows him a photo of Eugene. Conan asks Haibara to search up the identity of the man.

Leon sees Jamaluddin win the finals. He then proceeds to tell John and other council members his plan of building a new city. John and the rest laugh him off, but Leon has not given up.

Meanwhile, Eugene and his pirates take over an oil ship.

Leon meets with Nakatomi and tells him his plan: to rebuild the whole city. Nakatomi can only but agree.

Arthur and Shinichi find Kogoro at a pub. Arthur takes a gold Nakatomi coin out of Kogoro's passport holder and runs away. They watch a news report of Nakatomi visiting Singapore. Arthur gets a call from Haibara, who has found the identity of the man, Eugene Lim. Arthur asks Haibara to search for all Nakatomi ships nearby the pier and their routes. She reports back that there are two cargo ships and one oil ship nearby. However, the oil ship is not on its planned route. Arthur then asks for Haibara to send the information of that ship to him.

Arthur explains to Shinichi how the gathered clues can be put together: "SHE" can also refer to a ship, and the Nakatomi coin refers to a Nakatomi ship. Eugene has hijacked a Nakatomi ship, with the agreement of Nakatomi himself.

The two call Rishi and tell him the situation. John Han Chen found the sapphire and decided to award it to the winner of the karate tournament, but Leon wanted the sapphire, so he sent Jamaluddin to win the tournament and retrieve the sapphire. However, he had to face Makoto, who had Sherilyn as his sponsor. Thus Leon had to kill Sherilyn. Leon was in a different elevator when the crime happened, which created his alibi. The killer is indeed Leon while Rachel Cheung was his accomplice. Since Sherilyn's room was very high up, she had to take a second elevator at 34F to go to the ground level. While she was walking to another elevator, Rachel dragged her to her own bedroom and Sherilyn was killed there. Leon put Sherilyn's body in his suitcase and headed downstairs. Meanwhile, Rachel, disguised as Sherilyn, took another elevator downstairs. She had a magic fake knife in her back that raised the minute she walked with Sherlyn's blood on it. She pretended to stumble and fall into a civilian. It was then that Leon activated the bombs, which caused the explosion and blackout. Leon then takes a picture of dead "Sherilyn". Rachel then gets up and takes off her disguise. Leon takes the real Sherilyn's body out of the suitcase and lays it in the exact position. Rachel was shocked by Leon's plan, so she wanted to ask Kogoro for help. Leon knew this and killed her, trying to blame Kid.

Arthur receives the information from Haibara. He deducts that if the ship continues on its altered route, it will crash into Marina Bay. Leon wants the pirates to crash the oil ship into the city, destroying everything in the process so he can rebuild the city according to his plans.

Rishi wonders how Leon may have found the pirates, who are scattered all over the world. Arthur explains that the lions spewing bloody water would have made it to the headlines, which would attract their attention. Rishi thinks they do not have enough time to explain everything to the police so he can only but call John for help.

Meanwhile, Arthur and “Shinichi” head over to the Marina Bay Hotel because Arthur was notified that the oil tanker ship was to crash into the hotel. Arthur tried calling Ran only to receive a voicemail and he and “Shinichi” run towards the hotel until Kid goes out of disguise in order to get to the hotel faster.

Then, Kid and Arthur arrive at the hotel restraining Rishi. Arthur reveals that Leon was indeed the one who put his plan into action but the mastermind was Rishi. He explains that it all started when Rishi's father was allegedly murdered 5 years ago in Singapore. Shocked by this, Rishi found out through Sherilyn that she made the person who Rishi's father saved suspect guilty, which closed the case and hiding Leon's and Nakatomi's involvement in the murder. Leon had done this in order to gain Nakatomi's trust and get the oil tanker he needed to destroy the city.

Then, Rishi admitted that he knew everything from Sherilyn and Rachel, who leaked information, and when the pirates had arrived, Leon ordered them to kill everyone around them. Once the pirates gained the jewel, they ignored Leon's request and moved on to their next target whom Rishi recommended.

In the end, Rishi, Leon and the Pirates were all arrested and Singapore was saved from total destruction.


Original Japanese:

English dub of North America Discotek Media:

Box office[edit]

In Japan, the film sold 313,724 tickets and earned ¥422,465,000 on its opening day.[13] The film topped the Japanese box office and grossed ¥1.88 billion in its opening weekend, setting a new franchise record.[14] The film remained at the top in its second weekend, selling 678,000 tickets and earning ¥886 million, for a two-week total of ¥3.58 billion ($32.42 million) at the box office.[15] It dropped to number two in its third week, dethroned by new release Avengers: Endgame, before Detective Conan regained the top spot in its fourth week, beating Avengers: Endgame and new release Pokémon: Detective Pikachu.

In its fifth week, Detective Conan was dethroned by Detective Pikachu at the Japanese box office. In five weeks, The Fist of Blue Sapphire grossed ¥7,951,036,700 ($72.26 million) in Japan.[16] By its seventh weekend, the film had sold 6.71 million tickets and grossed ¥8,575,715,400 ($78.25 million) in Japan.[17] As of 21 June 2019, it had sold 7.4 million tickets and exceeded ¥9 billion at the Japanese box office.[18] As of 7 July 2019, the film has grossed ¥9.1 billion ($82,409,621) domestically, making it one of the top 50 highest-grossing films ever in Japan.[19] The Fist of Blue Sapphire became the highest-grossing Detective Conan film, surpassing Zero the Enforcer.

Overseas, the film debuted at number two in China, behind only domestic Chinese film Jade Dynasty.[20] The Fist of Blue Sapphire has since grossed $32.4 million in China, as of 22 September 2019.[21] In other territories, the film has grossed $1,728,708 in South Korea and Vietnam,[22] and $65,812 in the United Arab Emirates.[23]


Ni Nyoman Wira, in The Jakarta Post, wrote "Though it sometimes feels there is too little screen-time for Conan, the movie balances it out, especially toward the end."[24]

Film setting[edit]

The film is set mostly in Singapore but some scene at the beginning takes place in Tokyo, Japan. The film centerpiece setting is a well-known place in Singapore - Marina Bay Sands.[25]

The film also advertises some commercials such as Singapore Airlines, Maxwell Food Centre and Suntec City's Fountain Of Wealth all appearing.[25]

Notes and references[edit]

Plot retrieved from here [26]

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