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This article is about 1995 Hong Kong television series. For the whole series, see Detective Investigation Files Series.
Detective Investigation Files
DetectiveInvestigationFiles 1995 TVB.jpg
Genre Police procedural drama
Starring Michael Tao
Joey Leung
Kenix Kwok
Louisa So
Opening theme 感情真相 by
Leo Ku
Ending theme 對你始終痴心一往 by
Leo Ku
Country of origin Hong Kong
Original language(s) Cantonese
No. of episodes 20
Producer(s) Poon Ka Tak
Running time approx. 45 minutes
Original network Television Broadcasts Limited
Original release March 13 – April 7, 1995
Followed by Detective Investigation Files II
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Detective Investigation Files is a 1995 Hong Kong crime investigation drama series produced by Poon Ka Tak for TVB and is the first installment in the Detective Investigation Files Series. The main characters were played by Michael Tao, Joey Leung, Kenix Kwok and Louisa So. This installment featured five different cases.


Main cast[edit]

Actor Role Description
Michael Tao Cheung Dai Yung
Jessie's boyfriend
Gigi and Chung Yi's best friend
Joey Leung Lee Chung Yi
Dai Yung's subordinate and best friend
Gigi's husband
Kenix Kwok Ko Jit
(高 婕)
Dai Yung's girlfriend
Louisa So Yung Kam Chi
Dai Yung's best friend
Chung Yi's wife

Supporting casts[edit]

Case 1: Insurance murder case(Episode 1-3)[edit]

Actor Role Description
Henry Lee Fong Chun Kit Lee Man Fong's husband
Daisy's secret lover
Captured in episode 2
Tsui Ga Bo Lee Man Fong Nurse
Fong Chun Kit's wife
Stabbed to death by Daisy in episode 2
Jay Leung Daisy Insurance manager
Fong Chun Kit's secret lover
Murdered Lee Man Fong and framed Fong Chun Kit for the murder in episode 2
Captured in episode 3

Case 2: Secret of an Angel(Episode 3-6)[edit]

Actor Role Description
Chong Man Sui Chung Ho Yi Canteen cashier
A Vietnamese-Chinese
Chung Kit Yi's younger sister
Lee Chung Yi's ex-girlfriend
Killed Wu Sam in episode 3
Arrested in episode 5
Pok Kwan Wu Sam Tabloid reporter
Extorted Chung Kit Yi numerous times
Killed by Chung Ho Yi in episode 3
Lee Kwai Ying Chung Kit Yi Chung Ho Yi's older sister
Wife of a wealthy businessman
Gave birth to a deformed baby and was extorted by Wu Sam

Case 3: The Butterfly Murders case(Episode 6-10)[edit]

Actor Role Description
Ram Chiang Wong Wai On Tse Yuen Ting's husband
Mak Chui Han Tse Yuen Ting Emily

Jessie's Boss

Wong Wai On's wife
Killed Lam Yan Mei and John

Attempted to kill Jessie and Wong Wai On

Shot by Dai Yung when she tried to run him over and drove off a cliff (Unknown whether she died from the gunshot or car crash)

Cheung Yim Lam Yan Mei 阿May
Wong Wai On's secret lover
Jessie's friend
Killed by Tse Yuen Ting
Gregory Charles Rivers John Tse Yuen Ting's secret lover
Killed by Tse Yuen Ting

Case 4: Videotape extortion(Episode 12-14)[edit]

Actor Role Description
Angie Cheong Pak Mei Former strip dancer
Conspired with Wong Keung to daze and extort money from various men
Killed by Wong Keung in episode 12
Derek Kok Wong Keung Pak Mei's boyfriend
Attacked and killed Pak Mei in episode 12
Arrested in episode 14

Case 5: True and false kidnapping(Episode 15-20)[edit]

Actor Role Description
Maggie Chan Ko Man Jessie's older sister
Kan Tong Tong's mother
Failed to fake Kan Tong Tong's kidnapping
Wong Mei Ki Kan Tong Tong Ko Man's daughter
Jessie's niece
Kidnapped by Kan Chi Yuen
Gary Chan Kan Chi Yuen Ko Man's brother-in-law
Kan Tong Tong's uncle
Kidnapped Kan Tong Tong

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