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Deth Specula is a Santa Cruz "neo-bronto" five-piece rock band. Deth Specula was one of the first ten bands on The Internet Underground Music Archive and used the Internet to broadcast a live music concert from the Cowell Courtyard at the SCO Forum held on the University of California in Santa Cruz on August 23, 1994. This was the first time a live music concert was broadcast over the Internet and the second netcast ever. The first song ever broadcast in a live concert over the Internet was "Internet Band", a Deth Specula parody of the Grand Funk Railroad song "We're An American Band".


Deth Specula was a 1990s band with roots in early 1970s hard rock and style drawing on 1980s punk pop. They began as a punk parody band and later developed into "neo-bronto" rock.[1]


  • Tim Ruckle / Timmy Rotarian - Lead vocals
  • Kameran Kashani / Malcom McCameron - Lead guitar
  • Marty Stevens / Kozmo - Rhythm guitar and vocals
  • Jon Luini / yam - Bass and vocals
  • Robert Boucher / rAsTRo! - Drums and percussion
  • Eric Davis / Sharky - Engineer

The bassist, Jon Luini is one of the three founders of the Internet Underground Music Archive (IUMA), a pioneering online music website formed in 1993.[2][3]


Deth Specula formed in 1989 to create a rock video parody of the Sex Pistols song Anarchy in the U.K. called "Anarchy at SCO" for use in the SCO Follies, a company sponsored musical comedy revue produced each year by the employees.[4] Deth Specula continued to make video parodies for the SCO Follies in subsequent years and branched out into playing at local night clubs.[5][6] On March 9, 1994 CNN used the Deth Specula original "Careening Continental" as the lead in and out for their "Showbiz News" segment on IUMA.[7] On August 23, 1994 the band broadcast a live concert over the Mbone.[8][9][10][11][12] In 1995 they played in the UniForum Battle of the Bands in Dallas, Texas.[13]

Over time Deth Specula became more of an original rock and ballad band than a parody group although they retained their sense of humor as evidenced by originals like "Baboon Liver", "Crop Killer", "Reagan Mask", "Gutterslut", and "Get Even More".[14][15]

Current status[edit]

Deth Specula performed at the Cocoanut Grove in Santa Cruz, California on February 2, 2008 for the Bruce Steinberg memorial. It's A Beautiful Day opened for them.[16]


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