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Detroit Diesel
Genres Electronic body music
Years active 2006 (2006)
Labels Deathwatch Asia, Infacted Recordings,Vendetta Music
Members Deadbilly
Greta Grey

Detroit Diesel is a French Canadian harsh EBM duo, founded in 2006, signed on Deathwatch Asia and Infacted-Recordings.


Back in 2006, the EBM scene was cooling down, and it was evident that there was a need for fresh products.

The first demo, Dancing with Terror, was launched in 2008. The song, "When Darkness Falls", appears on Endzeit Bunkertracks IV. Shortly after, Detroit Diesel underwent an internal restructuring.

By 2009, Detroit Diesel production resulted in the Terre Humaine demo recording. This demo included 10 songs, among which was self-titled song "Terre Humaine" that would later appear on the 2010 Kinetik Festival compilation.

Detroit Diesel signed to Deathwatch Asia who decided to release the album Terre Humaine, consolidated from the previous demo, in 2010. The Lost Signals EP was released by Deathwatch Asia and Infacted Recordings in digital format.

The full-length debut album Terre Humaine was published on November 12, 2010. It is manufactured by Infacted Recordings for the European market, with Deathwatch Asia serving the rest of the world. Terre Humaine was reviewed favourably by the Side-Line webzine as "dark electro style" with "technoid tunes".[1] The German Sonic Seducer review was also favourable, calling it a "notable debut".[2]

Second full-length album Coup d'Etat was published on May 29, 2012. Manufactured by Infacted Recordings(EU)Vendetta Music (US) and with Deathwatch Asia serving the rest of the world. Followed by a their first European tour, the album have received acclaimed review around the world.





Compilation Appearances[edit]

"Let It Be My End" Direct World Action For Japan 2011
"Normandy (D-Day Mix)" World Wide Electronics Volume One 2011
"The Game" Zillo CD 04/2011 2011
"Serenade" Gothic Compilation Part L 2011
"Lost Signal (Freakangel Remix)" Advanced Electronics Vol. 8 2010
"Normandy (D-Day Mix)" Bleed by Example 2010,/br> "Lost Signal (Freakangel Remix)" Infacted Vol. 5 2010
"All Lost Before Dawn" Mecha[nized] 2010
"Terre Humaine " Kinetik Festival Vol. 3 2010
"When Darkness Falls " Endzeit Bunkertracks [Act - IV] 2009


  • Deathwatch Asia - 2012 Festival Tour Europe 2012
  • World Wide Electronics Vol. 1 - Out Of line 2011
  • Direct World Action For Japan - Deathwatch Asia 2011
  • Zillo CD 04/2011 (CD, Comp) Zillo 2011
  • Gothic Compilation Part L - Batbeliever Releases 2011
  • Advanced Electronics Vol. 8 - SPV GmbH 2010
  • Rock Oracle Compilation #5- Rock Oracle Magazine 2010
  • Gothic Compilation Part XLIX - Batbeliever Releases 2010
  • Infacted Vol. 5 - Infacted Recordings 2010
  • Kinetik Festival Vol. 3 - Artoffact 2010
  • Endzeit Bunkertracks [Act - IV] - Alfa-Matrix 2009


  • Sweet Androïd (Detroit Diesel Rmx) Dolls Of Pain - Cybermanipulations (File, MP3, Album) Auto-Restriction Production 2009
  • Evil Bloody Music (Detroit Diesel Remix) Alien Vampires - Harshlizer (Japanese 2CD Limited Edition), Deathwatch Asia 2010
  • Open My Vein (Detroit Diesel Remix) Various - Advanced Electronics Vol.8 (2xCD, Comp + DVD-V, PAL) Synthetic Symphony 2010
  • Ready2Go (Detroit Diesel Remix) XP8 - Drop The Mask Deathwatch Asia 2010
  • Open My Vein (Detroit Diesel Remix) Shiv-r - Incision (CD, EP, Ltd) Deathwatch Asia, Infacted Recordings 2010
  • Under Code (Detroit Diesel Remix) Freakangel - The Faults Of Humanity (2xCD, Album, Ltd) Deathwatch Asia 2010
  • Corpus Accido (Detroit Diesel Remix) Die Sektor - Applied Structure In A Void NoiTekk 2011
  • Your Fucking Drugs (Detroit Diesel Remix) Terrolokaust - God Loves The Violence Infacted Recordings 2011
  • TriggerFinger (Detroit Diesel Remix) Komor Kommando - Oil, Steel & Rhythm (2xCD, Album, Ltd) Alfa Matrix 2011
  • Black Treat (Detroit Diesel Remix) Stahlnebel & Black Selket - Bloody Rain (CD, EP) Advoxya 2011
  • Hand Of God (Detroit Diesel Remix) Distorted Memory -Archive(1999-2003)(CD, Album) Noitekk 2011
  • Up Evil (Detroit Diesel Remix) Sin D.N.A. - Revelate (CD, Album) Deathwatch Asia 2012
  • Suicidal Tendencies (Detroit Diesel Remix) C-Lekktor - X-Tension in Progress (2xCD, Album, Ltd) Deathwatch Asia 2012


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