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Detroit Social Club were an indie rock band from Newcastle upon Tyne, England, formed in 2007.[1] They were signed to Fiction Records.

Detroit Social Club's first single, "Rivers and Rainbows", was released in September 2008 on a limited edition 7" with the B-side, "Silver". On 30 March 2009, the band released their second single, "Sunshine People", on 7" and download. The band toured extensively across the United Kingdom during 2009, supporting such acts as Primal Scream, Razorlight and The Futureheads and Oasis, and have had some of their songs featured on British television - namely Kiss the Sun, which was featured on the trailer for Misfits, on Channel 4, and their cover of the Johnny Cash song "God's Gonna Cut You Down" was featured on Episode 7 of Season 3 of Being Human.

Self-described as "Analogue experimentation of the modern kind. Retro-Big beat-Gospel influenced-junkie folk, made in 1970s New York",[2] the band take influences from the Velvet Underground, De La Soul.[3]


29 September 2008 - Rivers and Rainbows/Silver (Stranded Soldier Records)

30 March 2009 - Sunshine People (Fiction Records/Stranded Soldier Records)

31 May 2010 - Existence (Polydor Records)

Band members[edit]

  • Spaghetti Bolognese - Vibe Creator
  • Dale Knight - Keys, Guitar, Bass
  • Johnny Bond - Guitars, Sitar, Noises
  • Chris McCourtie - Bass, Guitar
  • David Welsh - Guitar
  • Greenie[4] - Drums/Percussion.

Detroit Social Club and Fuck Pop Records[edit]

On the 12 of November, 2010, Detroit Social Club announced that they were creating their own label, Fuck Pop records. The reason for doing so was that:

"When people invest in you, as a record label does, the consequence is that the artist’s exclusive interest in the music suddenly becomes a mutual one; shared between dozens of different people, all of whom have a different opinion on it. The music becomes a product that must be saleable. It must justify the investment...for us, being in a band isn’t about chasing fame or fortune. It’s about the music...we wanted to emancipate ourselves to be able to do this in our own way. Doing it our self, without the mutual interest or investment of others, means there are no risks to us just doing what we want."[5]

They also stated in this announcement that they would get the money for releases from merchandise and gigs.[6]

Since Detroit Social Club split, David Burn now works as a [7] UK producer and owns Newcastle Music Box Recording Studios,[8] Johnny Bond and Dale Knight formed Symphonic Pictures,[9] whilst Greenie is an internationally acclaimed session drummer, touring with H from steps and creating his own fully operational bovine drum sampler with Michael Portillo"